Ohio chamber opposes State Issue 3 citing workplace concerns


COLUMBUS, Ohio – On Aug. 19, The Ohio Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted to oppose State Issue 3 – a constitutional amendment that would allow for the legalization of marijuana citing workplace concerns.

“Our board of directors voted NOT to support State Issue 3 because of numerous and serious workplace concerns,” stated President & CEO Andrew E. Doehrel. “Our members, which represent small and large businesses throughout the state, have to ensure a safe work environment for all of their employees. Also, if approved, this issue would cause great uncertainty for those businesses who drug test their employees. When you have uncertainty in business, you can’t function. Other concerns expressed up by board members included employer liability, the effects of employee productivity and other potential substance abuse issues.”

The board of directors also voted to SUPPORT State Issue 2 which would amend the state’s constitution to prohibit the ballot initiative process to “grant or create a monopoly, oligopoly or cartel.”

“The mission of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce is to aggressively champion free enterprise,” explained

Doehrel. “State Issue 2 directly supports our mission, which is one we’ve been championing since 1893.”

In April 2015, the board of directors voted to support State Issue 1, which would create a fair system to draw Ohio’s legislative districts.

“State Issue 1 creates legislative districts that would not favor one political party over another and brings an element of healthly competition to state legislative campaigns,” Doehrel stated.

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce will be educating its members on these ballot issues by recommending that they vote YES on Issues 1 and 2 and NO on Issue 3.

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The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is a champion for Ohio businesses so that our state enjoys economic growth and prosperity. With over 8,000 members we have been Ohio’s business advocate since 1893.

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