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I was so dreading the county fair this year, but it wasn’t that bad. The weather, especially, was tremendous the days I was out there, which was basically everyday but the first Friday.

I just had a blast with the people in the Youth Building.

The young 4-H girls who worked in there were very helpful all week long, and fun to be around as well. Kaitlyn Burchett had to leave after the first weekend because she began classes at MVCTC, but she promised me she would let me interview her when she becomes the first female U.S. President. Let’s see, she’s a senior now, plans to make the military a career and then run for office. How old will I be by then? Sure, why not, Kaitlyn? Somebody may have to hang on to my walker, hold the camera still for me and another person to take notes, but we’ll get ‘er done. Good luck, Kaitlyn!

Like I said before, I have been doing the 4-H revues ever since I entered the newsroom, so I tend to favor them. Thus, that’s what I did mainly this year among a few other things, such as four bake-a-ramas, domestic arts, oldest person at the fair and the awards presentation before the Parade of Champions on Thursday.

I even attended part of the Friday Sampler this year to listen to Steve Stone, friend Irene’s son, speak on landscaping. Another portion of that show featured Channel 7’s Gabrielle “Gabby” Enright, and she took a selfie of Jamie and me with her and said she would send it to our mutual friend, Steve Baker. She was an interesting motivational speaker. I didn’t get to see the morning speakers but I’m sure they were just as interesting as Steve and Gabby.

While the judges did their thing at the revues and bake-a-ramas, some of us (spectators and Extension Office people) would sit and talk while we waited. We talked a lot about the past and how the program has changed. So nostalgic.

JoEtta Hess told us about the time her daughter, Kendra, now a grown woman, was modeling fruit kebobs for her Joyful Jumper project while wearing her pink and white polka dotted jumper. For those who don’t know, at each revue certain 4-H clubs provide the narrators to announce the models as they make the trip down the runway. Well, a young boy, whose name they don’t remember, was reading the sheet he was given on Kendra and announced that she was modeling her keboobs.

Then, Kendra remembered Scott Forthofer always having a gimmick when he modeled his 4-H projects. One time, he came out in a scuba gear, wet slippers and a mask, she said. I sort of do remember that incident as well, but had forgotten it. And, no one seems to know where he is now.

I find it complimentary when people come from far away to see this beautiful county fair. I know my cousin, Boyd “Bud” Caupp and family as well as friends Tom and Phyllis Gibbons, visited all the way from Florida, and it was Ryan Francis’ first time back at the fair in 10 years as he is a member of the U.S. Air Force. And, I’m sure there were others I probably don’t even know who came back again this year to see what all the Great Darke County Fair offers. Glad you came.

Congratulations to all exhibitors who provided entertainment in all aspects of the fair this year.

And, now that it’s over, I feel kind of lost.

Like my son Jamie said, “Now, we’re back to reality.”


Don’t forget:

• Upcoming events at the Ansonia American Legion are: Jennifer’s Burritos from 5 to 8 p.m. on Sept. 11; the breakfast from 6 to 11 a.m. Sept. 12; steak fry on Sept. 19; and the next fish fry from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Oct. 4. It was reported that raffle tickets for the Veteran’s Day bean supper in November will be available very soon. There are a tremendous amount of prizes, it was said.

• The Rose Hill Church’s next gospel sing will be Sept. 13 at 4 p.m.


Happy birthday:

• Sept. 9 to Diane Dickey Young, Scott Labig, Dave Staver, Bob Mayo, Curry Setser, Eileen Woodman, John Middleton and Cliff McCreery.

• Sept. 10 to Mildred Dill, Gerald Rhoades, Diane Hall, Stacey Reed, Cory Meadows (25), Lesley Subler Wentworth (40),Josh Hiestand, Dustin Mangen, Teri Barga, Jennifer Lovejoy, Ginger Faller and Peggy Rieman.

• Sept. 12 to Shaun Phillippi, Jeff Walters, Terry Benge, Anita Cunningham, Pamela Lyons Shepherd, Pam Clack, Carla Surber, Angela Alexander and Ryan Snyder.

• Sept. 13 to Carol Byrd, Cassie Brumbaugh Williams,Brenda Wallace, Dennis Dickey, Pam Brown, Brandy Van Hoose and Juanita Cox.

• Sept. 14 to Steve Birt, Brenda Wallace, Twila Leichty Williams, Mary George Riffle, Mark Gates, Rick Rehmert, Gene Schultz, Coy Boroff, Carolyn Davenport, Becky Moore, Gladys Neff and Judy Lewis Logan.

• Sept. 15 to Jerry Brewer, Linda Oler, Tiffany Gigandet, Judy Cox, Dave Compton, Amber Cox, Rheta Best and Ron Stephens.

Happy belated birthday to Toni (Van Dyke) Edwards on Sept. 2.

Happy anniversary to: Don and Ruth Kepler (65) on Sept. 9; Walter and Betty Neal on Sept. 10; Gary and Martha Brown and Stan and Sandy Duncan, all on Sept. 12; Deb and John Hathway (40) on Sept. 13; Ted and Wilma Strait on Sept. 14; and Dave and Patty Kanney on Sept. 15.


Don’t forget to pray for: Stacy Dorko, Gloria Keller-Brinley, Linda Johnston, Ron Kreitzer, Pappy Harshman, Gerald Rhoades, Albert Duncan, Delores Duncan, Ansonia Police Chief Frank Shapiro, Randy Heck, John Klipstine, Greg Moody, Elsie Svajda, Dave Sherman, Ron Kreitzer, Paul Barton, Terry Ungericht, Scarlett and Gracyn Blackburn, Jim Moody, Lowell Arnold, Joe and Wanda Bailey, Mel Grile, Robert Codling, Kohen Thwaits, Kenny Dunevant, Joe Whittington, J.C. and D’Arleen Waymire, Deanna Jones, William DeBord, Dave Starline, Bob Hiestand Jr., Kathy and Tom Hamilton, Joanne Sharp, Larry Bemis, Ivan Miller, Cindy Elson, Cary Van De Grift, Dina Dancer Morris, Teresa Mayo Hammons, Jim Crotcher, Tina Kiser Deaton, Alvera Schmitz, Jerrod Pratt, Vicky Henderson, Julia Frey, Tonia Thompson, Fred Monnin, Thelma Shade, Bob Coppock, Lee Moody, Stephen “Brownie” Brown.

Also, Nate Epperson, Brad Pipenger, Faye Schlecty, Michelle Sparks Reed, Bill Beasley, Steve Cunningham, Kody Ketring, Allan Addington, Bob and Sandy Finkbine, Kevin Dickey, Joe Martin, Tracy Bailey, Brenda Grimes, Margaret “Peg” Bundy, Kevin Hemmerich, Ray Dickey Jr., Penny Starns, Tim Heck, Vanna (Hannam) Abbott, Suzy Heck Schilling, Addie Henderson, Barb Morrow Zimmerman, Samantha Smith, Shannon Peters Hall, Todd Walls, Ron Kramer, Melissa “Missy” Helmer, Susie Gress of Nebraska, Dana Holzapfel, Kara Didier, Carla Welch, Bill Schuette and to all those others who suffer from the many debilitating diseases. And, God bless all of our military people serving and protecting this nation.


Son Jamie and I express our sincere condolences to the families of: Joe Whittington, Patrick Davidson, David Feltman, Pauline McCullough, John Flint and Connie Hackett.


Think about it: “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” — Unknown


Fair week turned out enjoyable

By Linda Moody

Linda Moody is a staff writer for The Daily Advocate. Her column appears every Sunday. She can be reached at [email protected].

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