Edwards couple honor daughter at walk


UNION CITY, Ind. — Duane “Lum” and Toni attended the SOUL (Survivors of Unspeakable Loss) Walk on Sept. 20 at Harter Park, Union City, Indiana.

“We’re here to recognize our daughter who passed away in March,” said Toni. “She and Darla (Bowman-founder of SOUL) grew up together. Her mother and I were good friends. We are doing this for Darla’s mom and dad, too.”

He daughter, Cassie Campbell, she said, died of cancer on March 9.

“It started out as cancer two years ago,” she said. “She was supposed to have hip surgery and they found that the cancer came back. Her pain was mostly from her hip.”

Toni said her daughter’s death hasn’t really hit her as much as it has husband Duane.

“I have been in Michigan for six months and it hasn’t really hit me yet,” she said. “I’ve been busy working on her estate. I saw the boys [her grandsons] when I stayed up there. Our daughter’s friend and girlfriend have guardianship of them.”

Toni said their daughter was the type of person who would do anything for anybody but never wanted anybody to do anything for her.

“She was an executive secretary working for a company that leases building spaces,” said Toni, who also has another daughter, Dawn Duff. “She would go out and measure and do contract bids. She had lived in Michigan for 12 or 13 years.”

“SOUL is like another family, with a lot of supporters,” said Duane, whose tears were visible at various times throughout the day. “These people [at the SOUL Walk] are going through through the same thing as we are. We all know how each other feel. I joined the SOUL group not long after Cassie passed. I’m glad Darla is doing this. It is an experience…like a holiday. All grief kinda disappears for today.”

Toni left after the lunch that was served, but her husband helped out with various tasks during the event.


By Linda Moody

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