Smoke detector event slated


PALESTINE — Liberty Township Fire Department, in conjunction with the Northern Miami Valley Ohio chapter of American Red Cross, will be having a smoke detector install event in all of its fire area, which includes Palestine, Glen Karn and part of Neave Township, on Nov. 7.

If smoke alarms are needed, call the Greenville office at 937-548-1002.

“Give your address and be put on the list,” said Mark Loy of the fire department.

According to Loy, up to five smoke detectors are allowed per household.

“It’s a free installation,” he said. “Those who participate will also get free fire safety information.”

The American Red Cross volunteers will help residents develop a fire escape plan and complete a fire-safety checklist and install smoke alarms, replace batteries and teach residents how to test and maintain their smoke alarms.

If individuals or organizations would like to help, they may call the Greenville office as noted above.

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