Sweet and Sassy: Happy Valentine’s Day!


Well, today’s the day, when we should be feeling the love. Some of us do; some of us don’t. And, that’s okay.

Maybe love is a little over-rated. But, that’s just my opinion. I know it happens and see a lot of couples in love and I am so happy for them.

I did try to get some responses from my Facebook friends so I could come up with a romantic article for this special day, but I only received a few replies, which were good and I will share them in a little bit. Once again, that’s okay.

Now, I’m playing it by ear and letting readers know what this day does for some people. Sure, it would have been nice to hear some heart-warming story but it just isn’t going to happen, from me anyway. But, I promise you I will make it interesting.

Birthdays that I know of Valentine’s Day are those of Sherry Benge, Paul Poeppelman, Chris Young, Butch Amspaugh, Jeremy Mullens, Michelle Good and Maurice Longfellow, while anniversaries that day also involve Butch Amspaugh with wife Elaine, as well as Brad and Cindy Horsley and Dennis and Nina Barga, the latter of whom by the way are celebrating 40 years this year. Congratulations!

Now here go to the three responses I received when asking for some unique and interesting Valentine’s Day story.

I got quite a few “likes,” and Bridget Swabb Ashley let me know this: “Would love to if I had one.”

Then, Vicki Knick Galloway commented, “My husband gave me the most beautiful card one year. He wrote a sweet note to me…just so sentimental. He didn’t even notice it wasn’t a Valentines Day card. He had purchased an anniversary card!”

Jessica Brown Deem also shared a pretty good one: “My late grandfather, Noel brown, was born on Feb 14. My father-in-law’s birthday is also Feb 14. He refuses to buy anyone a Valentine’s Day gift because it is his birthday.”

This was received from Harvey Hinshaw: “Our Susan had her second open heart on Feb 14.”

So, I thank those who did respond, because they were humorous, interesting and newsworthy.

I, too, felt I should come up with something else to help readers boost their love lives and, because I am not a pro in that area, I decided to search for something that could possibly save some relationships and marriages. And, I think I possibly did that.

It’s called “10 things to do for your wife every year.”

Here they go:

1. Take a trip alone with her.

2. Make a big deal about her birthday.

3. Give her a weekend away.

4. Get dressed up (suit and tie) and take her on a date.

5. Pray continually for her and with her.

6. Take her to the place of your first date.

7. Give her a week off from “mom duties.”

8. Take her to a show.

9. Write a love letter to her.

10. Give her a head-to-toe massage without expecting anything.

These may or may not help. I tried. If they do happen to work, don’t thank me. Just keep up the good work.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Don’t forget:

• The Ansonia American Legion has begun having fish fries through Lenten on Fridays. They are set for Feb. 19 and 25 and March 11, 18 and 25. Served during Lent will be the fish and French fries. The regular all-you-can-eat fish fries are set for March 4, April 1 and May 6. Steak fries at the Legion continue March 12 and April 16 from 5 to 8 p.m.

• The Treaty City Seniors Dances will continue every Monday from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Eagles Lodge on East Third Street in Greenville. Tom Everhart will entertain with his rock and roll music of the past. There will be food to purchase, soft drinks only, door prizes and a 50/50 drawing.


Happy birthday:

• Feb. 18 to Gary Reier, Jodi Leeper Reichert, Steve Garman, Courtney Riegle, Wyatt Gasper, Tammy Leugers (40), Wayne Bowman (50) and Chris Heitkamp.

• Feb. 19 to Angie Minnich, Marvin Pierron, Larry Singer, Danny Monnin, Shane Peters, Nina Hawes, Jarvis Thwaits and Ted Whittaker.

• Feb. 20 to Melissa Anderson (25), Terry Ungericht, Shanna Brewer Hines, Tim Dickey, Dan Lenker, Bev Garrison, Brooke Muhlenkamp (18), Larry Hall and Austin Edwards.

• Feb. 21 to Anson Norton (12), Gary Moody, Todd Walls, Joe Floyd, Jeremy Rammel, Joey Kunk, Kim Garber-Bloom (30), Todd Walls, John Newbauer II, Jim Owens, Randy Fourman and Maegan O’Connor.

• Feb. 22 to Nancy Miller Moody, Jack Lovejoy, John Klipstine, Jack Bubeck, Janice Osterloh, Lyn Bliss, Norma Reed and Jay Schricker.

• Feb. 23 to Jerome Dotson, Barb Teaford, JoEllen Melling, Judy Ashley, Betty Batten, Dick Mayo and Wayne Neal.

• Feb. 24 to Ed Huff Jr. (65), Terry Holden (55), Stefanie Gasper Zumbrum, twins Garold and Harold Rismiller, Connor Stachler, Doug Wombolt, Clair Monnin and Robert Paris.

Happy belated birthday to Mary Leugers (86) on Feb. 16.

Happy anniversary to: Larry and Julie Hall and Joel and Jennifer Harney, all on Feb. 18; Terry and Marge Young and Gary and Denise Heitkamp, all on Feb. 20; and Gary and Judy (Brewer) Middleton on Feb. 22.


Don’t forget to pray for: Stacy Dorko, Mary Marshall, Jenson Fullerton, Shirley Mead, Maurice Longfellow, Teresa Ketring, Dave Sloan, Harry Moody, Jim Moody, Maxine Weimer, Linda Subler, Jerrod Pratt, Tim Ridenour, Dan Norton, Shelly Hoffman, Kathy Hiestand, Keith Howard, Betty Grimes, Kathy Magoto, Dean Brewer, Lisa Hall, Dick Neff, Tammy Shapiro, Ken Martin, David Magoto, Darrell Theurer, Charles LaFuze, Phil Clark, Sonny Hunt, Jim Marker, Roger McEowen, Terry Longfellow, Bill Drew, Don and Linda Myers, Nina McDaniel, Rusty Wilson, D’Arleen Waymire, Lee and Bea Moody (our parents), Linda Johnston, Ron Kreitzer, Pappy Harshman, Harold Rismiller, Rick Jones, Delores Duncan, Ansonia Police Chief Frank Shapiro, Randy Heck, John Klipstine, Elsie Svajda, Dave Sherman, Sue Chitty, Phil Chilcoat, Christine Pipenger, Paul Barton, Terry Ungericht, Gracyn Blackburn, Lowell Arnold, Robert Codling, Kohen Thwaits, Deanna Jones, William DeBord, Dave Starline, Bob Hiestand Jr.

Also, Kathy and Tom Hamilton, Joanne Sharp, Larry Bemis, Ivan Miller, Cindy Elson, Cary Van De Grift, Dina Dancer Morris, Teresa Mayo Amspaugh, Jim Crotcher, Tina Kiser Deaton, Alvera Schmitz, Vicky Henderson, Julia Frey, Tonia Thompson, Fred Monnin, Bob Coppock, Stephen “Brownie” Brown, Nate Epperson, Brad Pipenger, Faye Schlecty, Michelle Sparks Reed, Sheila Reed, Bill Beasley, Steve Cunningham, Kody Ketring, Bob and Sandy Finkbine, Kevin Dickey, Joe Martin, Tracy Bailey, Brenda Grimes, Margaret “Peg” Bundy, Kevin Hemmerich, Ray Dickey Jr., Penny Starns, Tim Heck, Vanna (Hannam) Abbott, Suzy Heck Schilling, Addie Henderson, Barb Morrow Zimmerman, Samantha Smith, Shannon Peters Hall, Todd Walls, Ron Kramer, Melissa “Missy” Helmer, Susie Gress of Nebraska, Dana Holzapfel, Kara Didier, Carla Welch, Bill Schuette and to all those others who suffer from the many debilitating diseases.

And, God bless all of our military people serving and protecting this nation.


Jamie and I send our condolences to the family of Karen Niley and Kurt Ditmar.


Think about it:

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” ― Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land


By Linda Moody

Linda Moody is a staff writer for The Daily Advocate. Her column appears every Sunday. She can be reached at [email protected].

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