Mississinawa Valley bowler Joe Teeter qualifies for OHSAA state meet


BEAVERCREEK – Mississinawa Valley senior Joe Teeter qualified for state on Thursday in the Ohio High School Athletic Association bowling tournament.

Individually three Darke County girls and one boy qualified for the OHSAA Division II Southwest District bowling meet.

Girls qualifying were junior Madison Stover from Ansonia and juniors Kayla Harris and Spencer Warren from Mississinawa Valley. Mississinawa Valley senior Joe Teeter was the lone boy who qualified.

Stover rolled a 129, 135 and a 137 for a 401 series in her district final competition.

Harris bowled a career-high 222 in her last game of the day, along with a 133 and 160, for a series of 515.

Spencer Warren bowled a 194, 170 and 190 for a 554 series … a score that last year would have qualified for the state meet as an individual.

It’s something the Warren family knows a lot about as Quincy Warren made it to state in 2014 and finished ninth overall.

But the girls competition was very tough this year, and that score would fall out of the running.

“Both girls bowled above average and had a great season,” Mississinawa Valley girls bowling coach Mike Warren said.

“Normally a series above 550 would be in contention for making it to state as an individual qualifier … but this year it fell a little short,” Coach Warren said.

“We had tremendous team spirit this year, great support from the whole team today, and we are looking forward to next season as we have everyone back,” Warren concluded.

On the boys side it was an exciting day as Teeter earned all-Southwest District first team and was the first individual qualifier to the state meet by bowling a 668 series on games of 226,216 and 226 at Beaver-Vu Bowling Lanes.

Teeter is the first Mississinawa Valley boy to qualify to the state meet and just the second MV bowler to make it, joining Quincy Warren.

“I’m very honored to be the first boys bowler to go to state and represent my school,” Teeter said.

Teeter made it to district the last two years but was unable to go any further.

“In the past I tried too hard and let my nerves get to me,” he said. “This year I had a good time and went in there rolled the ball and did what I’m great at doing and was able to have success.

“What makes it is even more special is I got to experience this with my father (and Mississinawa boys bowling coach Joe Teeter Sr.) It’s such a blessing, and these will be memories with him that I’ll never forget,” Teeter added.

“I’m maintaining a positive attitude and trying to enjoy my last games as a high school bowler and where better to do that than in the state meet,” Teeter concluded.

Coach Teeter was complimentary of his son and the day he had.

“He came into the tournament with great confidence and control. It was an easy day, not a single shot would I call off target. He was on his game all day,” Coach Teeter said.

“As a coach and father it was exhilarating just to see his reaction to all of his great shots. He made a great effort to get to state and made me a proud coach and father.”

Teeter will bowl at 10:30 a.m. Feb. 26 at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl in Columbus.

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Mississinawa Valley senior Joe Teeter qualified for the Ohio High School Athletic Association Division II state bowling meet as an individual.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Joe-Teeter-WEB-1-1.jpgMississinawa Valley senior Joe Teeter qualified for the Ohio High School Athletic Association Division II state bowling meet as an individual. Dale Barger|For The Daily Advocate

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