9 Versailles wrestlers advance to OHSAA district tournament


SIDNEY – Nine Versailles wrestlers finished in the top four of their weight classes at the Ohio High School Athletic Association sectional tournament at Lehman Catholic to qualify for districts.

As a team Versailles finished as the runner up in the 20-team sectional tournament with 205 points, placing behind only Mechanicsburg with its 241.5 points. Arcanum finished 17th overall with 20.5 points, placing ahead of West Liberty-Salem, Northeastern and Riverside.

Versailles’ Kyle Gigandet won the 195 pound class. He pinned Miami East’s Dalton Loughman in 3:30, pinned Tri-County North’s Tyler Gray in 1:27 and beat Troy Christian’s Levi Sims 6-5.

Versailles’ Corey Dieringer finished as the runner up in the 160 pound class. Dieringer pinned Springfield Catholic Central’s Travis McConnell in 34 seconds, pinned Brookville’s Graham O’Meara in 3:35, beat Covington’s Lance Miller 3-1 and lost by a 22-7 technical fall against Mechanicsburg’s Kaleb Romero.

Versailles’ Jonny Moorman finished as the runner up in the 170 pound class. Moorman pinned Miami East’s Matthew Welker in 2:45, beat Troy Christian’s Damon Beatty 8-4, beat Brookville’s Austin Delk 10-7 and lost a 19-6 major decision to Triad’s Jacob Thompson.

Versailles’ Bo Bey finished as the runner up in the 182 pound class. He beat Troy Christian’s Jordan Strine 3-2, pinned Dixie’s Austin Brooks in 1:42, beat Northwestern’s Nathan Bills 2-1 and lost 15-10 in overtime to Covington’s Brandon Magee.

Versailles’ Jacob Poling finished third in the 106 pound class. Poling pinned National Trail’s Jacob Poling in 1:08, lost a 12-2 major decision to Dixie’s J.C. Fox, pinned Brookville’s Devin Miller in 2:15 and pinned Northridge’s James Dyer in 4:02.

Versailles’ Preston Platfoot placed third in the 120 pound class. Platfoot pinned Covington’s Coleman Ryan in 4:45, lost by a 16-1 technical fall to Alex Rhine, beat Northridge’s Wesley Carter 7-0 and lost 3-1 in overtime to Covington’s Coleman Ryan.

Versailles’ Tanner Bey finished third in the 138 pound class. He pinned Lehman’s Aldo Barrera in 3:13, pinned Northwestern’s Jeremi Doll in 3:55, lost a 13-5 major decision to Covington’s Ryan Ford, beat Milton-Union’s Jordan Cress 7-0 and beat Triad’s Zack Zizzo 8-5.

Versailles’ Steven Mangen finished fourth in the 126 pound class. Mangen pinned Bethel’s Luke First in 3:23, beat Northwestern’s Jacob Bills 2-1, lost a 9-0 major decision to Miami East’s Alex Isbrandt, beat West Liberty-Salem’s Tanner Workman 8-2 and lost 2-1 to Milton-Union’s Dylan Schenck.

Versailles’ Jacob Rismiller finished fourth in the 220 pound class. Rismiller beat Troy Christian’s Brandon Swihart 8-3, pinned Brookville’s Justin Eyler in 3:33, was pinned by National Trail’s Ben Sullivan in 2:30, beat Miami East’s Caden Hellyer 5-1 and lost 6-3 to Covington’s Seth Thomas.

Versailles’ Kyle Wuebker is an alternate for the district meet as he finished fifth in the 132 pound class. Wuebker beat Covington’s Keringten Martin 13-8, lost an 8-0 major decision to Milton-Union’s Kamron Paulus, lost 9-4 to Northwestern’s Ben Boggs and beat Dixie’s Zach Roberts 1-0.

Other wrestlers from Arcanum and Versailles finished their seasons at the sectional meet.

Ethin Hoffman was the top finisher for Arcanum as he placed sixth in the 113 pound class. Hoffman pinned Dixie’s Wyatt Nace in 3:29, lost by a 15-0 technical fall to Covington’s Connor Ryan, won a 10-0 major decision against Northridge’s Alexandria Fiore, won a 10-2 major decision against Northwestern’s William Bailey, lost by a 17-0 technical fall to Troy Christian’s Drew Whaley and lost a 6-2 decision to Milton-Union’s Jordan King.

Versailles’ Nathan Henry placed sixth in the 152 pound class. Henry lost 6-2 to Covington’s Gage DeHart, pinned Tri-County North’s C.J. Mackellar in 1:17, won by a 16-0 technical fall against Northeastern’s Skylar Davis, was pinned by Mechanicsburg’s Corey Bogan in 2:00 and lost by default to Milton-Union’s Austin Menker.

Versailles’ Jeffrey Ware placed sixth in the 285 pound class. Ware pinned Triad’s Josiah Leasure in 1:32, was pinned by Mechanicsburg’s Dylan Hartman in 4:56, pinned Brookville’s Clayton Brooks in 42 seconds, pinned Arcanum’s Mike Johnson in 2:32, was pinned by Troy Christian’s Seth Douglas in 4:31 and was pinned by Mechanicsburg’s Dylan Hartman in 4:31.

In the 113 pound class Versailles’ Marcus Marshal won by a 15-0 technical fall against Northridge’s Alexandria Fiore, lost an 8-3 decision to Troy Christian’s Drew Whaley, beat Dixie’s Wyatt Nace 8-2 and lost 2-1 to Milton-Union’s Jordan King.

In the 138 pound class Arcanum’s Dylan Burns was pinned by Mechanicsburg’s Tanner Smith in 1:25, pinned Tri-County North’s Blake Noble in 1:53 and was pinned by Miami East’s Andrew Harmon in 4:19.

In the 145 pound class Arcanum’s Ethan Baker was pinned by Covington’s Josh Sowers in 36 seconds and lost an 11-2 major decision to Versailles’ Tyler Gigandet.

In the 145 pound class Versailles’ Tyler Gigandet lost an 8-3 decision to Dixie’s Steven Brown, won an 11-2 major decision against Arcanum’s Ethan Baker and lost 9-3 to Stivers’ Issac Anthony.

In the 152 pound class Arcanum’s Matt Todd pinned Stivers’ Kevin Buck in 2:28, lost by a 20-3 technical fall to Springfield Catholic Central’s Jake Gutierrez and lost a 14-3 major decision to Northeastern’s Skylar Davis.

In the 160 pound class Arcanum’s Christian Layman was pinned by Covington’s Lance Miller in 44 seconds, won by an 18-2 technical fall against Tri-County North’s Zane Krull and lost a 9-4 decision to Brookville’s Graham O’Meara.

In the 170 pound class Arcanum’s Tristan Garner was pinned by Stivers’ Robert William in 1:37 and was pinned by Covington’s Joey Schmelzer in 1:59.

In the 195 pound class Arcanum’s Jack Walters was pinned by Brookville’s Trevor Good in six seconds and was pinned by Mechanicsburg’s Michael Knapp in 20 seconds.

In the 285 pound class Arcanum’s Mike Johnson was pinned by Miami East’s Ben Ferguson in 1:04 and was pinned by Versailles’ Jeffrey Ware in 2:32.

Versailles’ district qualifiers – Bo Bey, Tanner Bey Corey Dieringer, Kyle Gigandet, Steven Mangen, Jonny Moorman, Preston Platfoot, Jacob Poling and Jacob Rismiller – now will wrestle in the OHSAA district meet at Hobart Arena in Troy. Wrestling will start at 3 p.m. Friday and 10 a.m. Saturday.

For more information on the sectional and district meets, visit http://swdab.org.

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Versailles’ Tanner Bey wrestles Northwestern’s Jeremi Doll in the Ohio High School Athletic Association sectional tournament on Friday at Lehman Catholic High School.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Tanner-Bey-WEB-3.jpgVersailles’ Tanner Bey wrestles Northwestern’s Jeremi Doll in the Ohio High School Athletic Association sectional tournament on Friday at Lehman Catholic High School. Kyle Shaner|The Daily Advocate

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