Theater to host family day


GREENVILLE — “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” will be coming to Greenville March 5 and 6 at Paws Bingo Hall at 848 Martin St., Greenville.

Presented by the Darke County Civic Theater, the performance will feature a Family Fun Day on Saturday with 10 different carnival-style games set up for children, whereas Sunday will be the performance only.

“Last year is the first time we did Family Fun Day,” said Director Chris Chapa. “It was Wild West Day.”

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is dramatized by: Richard R. George, and adapted from the fantasy by Roald Dahl.

In addition to Chapa directing, Dane Leeper will be producing. Stage managers and understudies are Bethany Foster and Kathryn Vonnoy, and set designer is Laura Francis.

“This is my first time directing a show for the civic theater,” Chapa said. “I have never dealt with a cast this big before.”

He said he joined the civic theater in 2008 and has been in almost every single production they’ve done, and they do six productions a year.

There are 30 cast members, from age 7 and up. Justin Arling will be playing Willy Wonka and Erick Lee will be Charlie Bucket. Other cast members are: Veruca Salt: Arianna Kinner, Violet Beauregard: Ella Strawn, Mike Teavee: Jake Denney, Augustus Gloop: Preston Holton, Narrator: Lacey Snyder, Grandpa Joe: Trevor DeSchepper, Mr. Salt: Matt Cline, Mrs. Salt: Amy Barger, Mrs. Beauregard: Amy Gessler, Mrs. Teavee: Sandy Hartley, Mrs. Gloop: Connie DeSchepper, Mr. Bucket: Elijah Nolan, Mrs Bucket: Abby Kindley, Grandma Josephine: Jessica Setser, Grandma Georgina: Jeanette Rowland, Grandpa George: Robby Zehringer, and Oompa Loompas: Austin Hill, Wyatt Lindsey, Lilyan Lindsey, Kim Fourman, Forrest Fourman, Cecil Hawes, and Madison Kinner.

“Additional information on ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ can be found at our website, as well as information on upcoming productions at

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased at Paw’s Bingo Hall and Roots Hair Salon. Cost is $3 for ages 4-12/Senior Citizens and $5 for adults. The carnival game tickets on Saturday will be 10 for $2.

“We split the profit with the Darke County Humane Society, which will be selling food there,” Chapa said. “It will be a lot of fun. It’s definitely a family-oriented show. Everybody will enjoy it.”
‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ performances slated

By Linda Moody

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