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We want to thank you for the trust that you have placed in Zechar Bailey Funeral Homes for the past 75 years. We are proud to be able to continue and honor our founders D. Byron Zechar and L. Myron Zechar who started the funeral home in 1941. Third generation Funeral Directors and a current staff with a combined experience of over 90 years, guarantees your family a seamless and honorable service for your loved one.

Zechar Bailey Funeral Homes have become the area’s pre-planning specialist. The following article touches on the importance of considering pre-planning with our funeral homes.

Pre-planning your funeral wishes is very similar to creating your will. It allows you to have control over the situation. It is very beneficial to at least meet with one of our funeral counselors to start listing and documenting your wishes, keeping in mind that this valuable meeting is totally free of charge.

Next, if and only if, you wish and see the value in pre-paying for your funeral plans, Zechar Bailey offers numerous payment methods that enable you to control the cost and fix the price of your funeral plan knowing that all funds are held by a Third Party Administrator per State of Ohio Law.

The following is a list of payment methods that can be of benefit to you:

1. Single payment at time of the contract.

2. Full benefit multiple payment plan.

3. Flexible payment plan.

Why most families pre-plan with Zechar Bailey Funeral Homes:

1. Transfer pre-planned funerals from other funeral homes and qualify for our enhanced funeral plan guarantee.

2. Guaranteed prices: This will lock in today’s prices thereby avoiding any cost inflation.

3. Pre-planning discounts

4. Pre-planning offers irrevocable protection particularly helpful when dealing with the Medicaid qualification process.

5. National transferability: If you move – your funeral plan can move with you.

6. Travel protection: If you or your loved one are pre-planned and would happen to pass away while traveling, Zechar Bailey Funeral Home will cover all 2nd party funeral home charges. Charges that could reach in excess of $1500.

7. Children and grandchildren protection program: If you have a pre-planned funeral with us and a child or grandchild (not married and under the age of 21) would pass away, all funeral expenses (excluding cash advance items) will be free of charge and paid by Zechar Bailey Funeral Home.

8. Pre-planning gives you total control of your funeral plans and wishes, relieving the burden from your family.

9. 24/7 Compassion/Crisis Helpline: Licensed grief counseling will be provided to your family for 13 months and friends for three months.

10. 100 percent Service Guarantee

11. 100 percent Price Match Guarantee


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