Derickson will protect small business in Congress



In uncertain times, when Washington is divided, and the private sector needs consistency, we need a leader. A leader who understands what it means to make a payroll, knows the business climate, and the importance of putting rules in place that protect business owners, not burden them. That person is Tim Derickson and he’s the person we stand behind for the 8th congressional district seat on March 15th.

Our business, Mike and Rosy’s Deli in Springfield, has been in business for over 30 years and part of our success has been teamwork and having our customers know that we respect and appreciate their business. Unfortunately, one doesn’t always get the same treatment from our elected officials. However, in this race to fill the seat left by Speaker Boehner, Tim Derickson is a man of integrity, diligence, and the record to lead much like he has done during his time in the Ohio House of Representatives. Having run a small business, Derickson knows that government does not create jobs and that if we strengthen our workforce and give businesses the tools they need, they’re better off in the end.

In order to get the best representation in Congress, we need to send the best person there from the start. Our choice is Tim Derickson for Congress! Derickson knows small business and we know he will be the right person for the 8th district.

Mike and Ty Wagner

Mike and Rosy’s Deli

Springfield, Ohio

By Mike and Ty Wagner

Springfield, Ohio

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