Beagle is an advocate for our families



As a mother and a state legislator, I have always believed that the strength of our state and nation is firmly rooted in the health of the American Family. A world-class education, good-paying jobs and the opportunity keep more of what you earn so you can save for the future and chart your own destiny are all cornerstones of our democracy and the foundation of the American Dream. As a father and a successful businessman, Bill Beagle believes in these conservative principles and has worked to further these values in the Ohio Statehouse.

That is why I am supporting Bill Beagle for Congress.

A fellow parent, Bill Beagle knows the struggle American families face in paying for higher education and other opportunities for their children. He cosponsored Senate Bill 6 to allow Ohio families to deduct up to $10,000 per year off their income taxes when they invest in college funds for their children.

Bill Beagle has joined me in working to streamline Ohio’s adoption process and make it more affordable so that families who want to provide a loving and nurturing home for orphans can do so without cumbersome red tape and unreasonable financial hurdles.

Bill Beagle voted in favor of the ABLE Act, which is already clearing the way for more opportunity for Ohioans with disabilities to lead more self-sustaining and fulfilling lives.

Bill Beagle stood with working Ohio families in reducing taxes by billions of dollars in Ohio on both personal incomes and on small businesses so entrepreneurs and innovators can thrive.

Bill Beagle has earned our trust and continues to work hard to earn your vote. I encourage you to elect him to Congress this March so he can take those same common sense, conservative values to Washington.

State Senator Shannon Jones

By State Senator Shannon Jones

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