National Groundwater Awareness Week, March 6-12


MIAMI VALLEY – We can live without a lot of things, but we literally cannot live without water. Yet most of us take it for granted.

March 6-12 is National Groundwater Awareness Week. It’s a good time to re-evaluate the importance of groundwater in your life. Groundwater provides drinking water for about 96 percent of the Miami Valley.

Imagine life without your daily shower, a cup of coffee or a flushing toilet. In our region, they all use water that is pulled out of the ground. So it’s vital that we protect our most valuable asset because once groundwater is contaminated, it can cost millions to clean up, if you can clean it up. Sometimes water in contaminated areas can never be used again.

“Too often we only pay attention to water when there’s a crisis like in Flint, Michigan or Toledo,” says Mike Ekberg, MCD manager for water monitoring and analysis. “We need to pay attention and protect our groundwater before there’s a crisis. MCD cares about water and supports protection and management of groundwater resources through water monitoring, studies, and activities that promote good water stewardship.

Each of us can take small steps to ensure the quality of our groundwater.

  • Never pour household cleaners, paint and other chemicals onto the ground. Dispose of them properly.
  • Report spills.
  • Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly.
  • Be careful when changing your car’s motor oil. Never dump it down the storm drain.
  • Fix car leaks promptly.
  • Dispose of unwanted medication responsibly – don’t flush it down the drain.

Visit the National Groundwater Association at for more information about how you can help protect groundwater.

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