We suffer from historical ignorance



First of all, we need to thank God for the freedom that He has allowed us to retain and let us begin to recover the lost tools of self-government by learning about our place in His history. We need to learn the history of our own country and the plan that our Founding Fathers fashioned for its preservation. The purpose of that plan was set forth in the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the structure of that plan took the form of an agreement between the sovereign states, known as the United States Constitution.

We need to study these profound documents and the historical context in which they were written and adopted. Furthermore, to understand the religious and philosophical worldview of the drafters of the Constitution and the clear intent of the States in ratifying a document that set forth the limited nature of the powers being vested in the Federal Government and the Bill of Rights that acted as a check on the power of Congress and the executive authority from infringing the rights of the people from whom their authority was derived.

Clearly, President Obama has made changes in America through his acts of false legislation. And as a result of this has caused a direct lineal separation of all nations. And through his initiative programs causing many deaths.

And now-a-days using common core, and many other words changing our vocabulary invading our government at all levels, using old words with new meanings fill government policy papers. As a result of this, our Nation moving forward into communism.

Now we suffer the results of our current ignorance of our history by living in a culture and gradually acquiesces to increasing infringements on rights and liberties that our Founding Fathers considered God-given and unalienable.

Kenneth Delk


By Kenneth Delk


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