State Rep. Buchy urges paper testing for state examinations


COLUMBUS – State Representative Jim Buchy (R- Greenville) has sent a letter to the Ohio Department of Education requesting that they allow additional opportunities for school administrators to opt for paper testing this year.

The results of last year’s PARCC examinations were delayed significantly due to questionable data collection and unsatisfactory results. These delayed results then pushed back the release date of Ohio’s School Report Cards for the 2014-15 school year.

Upon the release of the school report cards, part one on January 14 and part two on February 25 of this year, a trend emerged. Students who took the paper version of the PARCC exam had significantly better results than those who took the online version of the same test. This trend was not only apparent between schools but also among students within the same schools. These differences have caused many school administrators to consider paper and pencil versions of this year’s AIR standardized test.

The last day for schools to opt for paper testing was January 11, three days before part one of the School Report Cards were released. Many administrators have raised concern because they were not given an opportunity to react to this new evidence demonstrating that paper testing could be advantageous in comparison to the online option.

In response to the concerns of several school administrators, Representative Buchy has sent a letter to Ohio Department of Education Interim Superintendent, Dr. Lonny Rivera, requesting a timely plan to allow administrators an additional opportunity to opt for paper and pencil testing if they so choose.

Representative Buchy is asking residents to provide their opinions on education concerns in Ohio. Residents are encouraged to complete the survey online at:

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