Clubs donate maple tree for Arbor Day


GREENVILLE — The Ladybug Garden Club and Butterflies Junior Garden Club helped to beautify the Greenville City Parks selecting an October Glory Red Maple tree for Arbor Day.

October Glory Red Maple (Acer rubrum October Glory) is known for its rapid growth and enduring fall color. In fact, its “October Glory” display of orange-red leaves lasts far longer than many other maples. It would look spectacular to its narrow, upward growth.

The October Glory Maple is one of the most popular maples for many reasons. Tiny spots of fiery red flower clusters appear on the bare branches in the spring while the rest of your yard is still muted in browns and greys.

The birds will flock to the small, elongated red fruits that accompany the flowers on the October Glory Red Maple tree.

The October Glory can reach heights of 50 feet tall and 40 feet wide. It’s far more tolerant of some soil and weather conditions than other maples, and forgiving of a neglectful nature.

The clubs encourage families and friends to make a $150 donation selecting either an October Glory Maple, Red Sunset Maple, Armstrong Maple, Sugar Maple or Red Oak Maple to the city parks. A donation form can be found on the website.

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