Pumpkin Show contest to take new form


BRADFORD — The decorating contest for the Bradford Pumpkin Show will take a different form this year.

At the most recent Bradford Village Council meeting, Pumpkin Show President Jim Wysong asked for permission to use the light poles the week of Pumpkin Show for the contest instead of having a house-decorating competition. Poles can be decorated by clubs, classes and/or families. They would be judged on the Sunday prior to the Pumpkin Show, which will take place Oct. 4-8.

Council agreed to let the light poles be used as long as the guidelines presented are met.

The zoning committee is waiting to hear back from Solicitor Mike Gutmann for information on ordinances about soft-covered storage buildings. The committee says that these type of structures are not permanent. Standards for shed sizes and materials are also being set and will be brought back to council in the future.

The ordinance committee made a recommendation to have Gutmann draw up an ordinance that will make having any type of agricultural animals illegal in city limits. Councilman Desi Layman wanted to know if there would be any grandfather clause for people that have already made investments prior to this rule. He shared an example of a resident who has had carrier pigeons for over 15 years. He felt that it would not be right to tell people that they had to just get rid of their animals. Galen Balmert and Deb Warner said that there needs to be regulations put in place for who that do not take care of their properties. After the ordinance is read, they will have three opportunities for further discussion.

Village Administrator Rick Looker said there are 38 violations of dead or contaminated trees this year. Thirty-four of the violations are from last year. He said they have had some people comply, but wanted guidance from council on what to do for residents who do not comply.

Resolutions and ordinances read were:

• R-16-03 — A resolution declaring the intention to levy a tax in excess of 10-mill limitation being a 7-mill renewal levy for street improvement and requesting that the proposed tax levy be submitted to the electors and declaring an emergency. (Second reading)

• O-16-04 — An ordinance raising the rate for refuse, and garage (AKA solid waste) collection services in the Village of Bradford. (First reading)

Warner wanted to make it clear that refuse rates were going up due to contract rates not just because someone wanted to raise village rates.

• O-16-05 — An ordinance amending the previous ordinance (O-12-03) pertaining to water rates charged by the Village of Bradford. (First reading)

• O-16-06 — An ordinance amending the previous ordinance (O-12-04) pertaining to sewage rates charged by the Village of Bradford. (First reading)

The next council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 23.

By Heather Canan

For The Daily Advocate

Heather Canan is a freelance writer who lives in Bradford. Reach her at [email protected] or 937-417-4317.

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