Festival’s flower show results are in


VERSAILLES — Though weather was again a bit of a determining factor to the volume of flower specimens displayed at the Poultry Days Flower Show, there were reportedly “some beautiful entries.”

This year’s main theme for Poultry Days was honoring the American Farmer, so the Versailles Garden Club kept this as the theme for the Artistic Arrangements class – “American Farmer.” There were four classes, one of which set for novice entries for people who have never won a first-place arrangement placing at any previous Poultry Days show.

This year’s judge was Micki Marquis, Garden Clubs of Ohio, past president.

Winners were:

Artistic Arrangements

Crop Circles:

First Judy Shappie

Second Alan Monnin

Third Susan Ballinger

Little Red Hen:

First Alan Monnin

Second Susan Ballinger

Third Judy Shappie

A Mazing Sunshine:

First Susan Ballinger

Second Alan Monnin

Down On the Farm – Novice class:

First Lydia Sink

Second Dianna Hemmelgarn

Best of Show Artistic Arrangement: Susan Ballinger — A Mazing Sunshine

Hybrid Teas – Yellow, Yellow-Blend, or Apricot

First Alan Monnin — Heaven on Earth

Second Alan Monnin — St. Patrick

Third Alan Monnin — Tahitian

Honorable mention Darryl Michael — Rio Samba

Hybrid Teas – Pink or Pink Blend

First Alan Monnin — Falling in Love

Second Alan Monnin — Elle

Third Leona Monnin — Neil Diamond

Honorable mention Alan Monnin Neil Diamond

Hybrid Teas – Red or Red Blend 2 sections

First Alan Monnin — Veteran’s Honor

Second Nadine Zimmer — Firefighter

Third Alan Monnin — Let Freedom Ring

Honorable mention Darryl Michael — Firefighter

First Alan Monnin — Liebenzauber

Second Hattie Knapke — Mr. Lincoln

Third Leona Monnin — Let Freedom Ring

Honorable mention Susan Heitkamp — Mr. Lincoln

Hybrid Teas – Orange, Orange Blend or Red-Orange

First Alan Monnin — Dolly Parton

Floribunda 2 sections

First Alan Monnin — Pretty Lade

Second Alan Monnin — Katsup and Mustard

Third Hattie Knapke — Angel Lace

First Ruth Peters — Julia Child

Second John Peters — Julia Child

Third Amy Van Skyock— Julia Child


First Alan Monnin — Strike It Rich

Second Alan Monnin — Gold Medal

Third Hattie Knapke — Love

Honorable mention Darryl Michael — Eliza

Any Other Rose Variety

First Alan Monnin — Heathcliff

Second Leona Monnin — Heathcliff

Third Darryl Michael — Tropical Lightening

Honorable mention Darryl Michael— Seafoam

Best of Show Rose: Alan Monnin — Floribunda Pretty Lady

Perennials – spike Flowers six sections

First Michaella Dirksen – Bleeding Heart

Betty McEldowney – Campanula

Susan Ballinger – Coral Bells – Autumn

John Peters – Coral Bells

Susan Ballinger – Spiderwort

Alan Monnin – Feverfew

Second Michaella Dirksen – Stella d’Oro

Charles McEldowney – Campanula

Susan Ballinger Coral Bells – Lime Light

Judy Shappie Coral Bells – Frosted Light

Charles McEldowney – Spiderwort

John Shappie – Valerian

Third Susan Ballinger – Veronica

Susan Ballinger Campanula

Betty McEldowney – Coral Bells – Autumn

Ruth Peters – Coral Bells

Betty McEldowney – Spiderwort

Judy Shappie – Valerian

Honorable mention Betty McEldowney – Veronica

Christina Brockschmid — Campanula

Judy Shappie Coral Bells – Carmel

Michelle Dirksen — Coral Bells

Leona Monnin Achille – Pomegranate

Perennials – spray flowers

First Betty McEldowney — Centauria

Second Susan Ballinger — Mountain Knapweed Centauria

Third John Shappie — Butterfly Weed

Honorable mention Judy Shappie — Butterfly Weed

Perennials – Iris Flower three sections

First Alan Monnin — Water Iris – Gamecock

Alan Monnin — Yaquma Blue

Alan Monnin — Black Tie Affair

Second Leona Monnin — Water Iris – Gamecock

Alan Monnin — Loop to Loop

Ray Rayburg — Black Tie Affair

Third Leona Monnin — Yaquma Blue

Alan Monnin — Night to Remember

Honorable mention Alan Monnin — Ice Cream Treat

Leona Monnin — Black Tie Affair

Perennials – Peony Flower six sections

First Alan Monnin — Coral Charm

Leona Monnin — Pink Pom Pom

Leona Monnin — Red Charm

Alan Monnin — Monsieur Jules Elie

Ray Rayburg — Batzella

Leona Monnin — Crinkle White

Second Leona Monnin — Pink Hawaian Coral

Leona Monnin — Phillipe Revoir

Ray Rayburg — Red Charm

Ray Rayburg — Sarah Barnhart

Leona Monnin — Bartzella

Leona Monnin — Sarah Barnhart

Third Ray Rayburg — Coral Charm

Alan Monnin — Pink Pom Pom

Alan Monnin— Larga

Leona Monnin — Raspberry Sundae

Alan Monnin — Bartzella

Alan Monnin — Sarah Barnhart

Honorable mention Leona Monnin — Coral Charm

Leona Monnin — Scarlet O’Hara

Alan Monnin — Red Charm

Ray Rayburg — Monsieur Jules Elie

Leona Monnin — Canary Brilliants

Ray Rayburg — Crinkle White

Perennials – Lily Flower four sections

First Susan Heitkamp — Asiatic Lily

Betty McEldowney — Aztec Sunset

Ruth Peters — Tiger Lily

Susan Ballinger — Sunburst

Second Susan Ballinger — Pink Sherbet

Charlene Michael — Aztec Sunset

Susan Ballinger — Tiger Lily

Chris McEldowney — Sunburst

Third Susan Ballinger — Midget

Charlie Michael — Aztec Sunset

Betty McEldowney — Sunburst

John Peters — Tiger Lily

Perennials – Clematis Flower two sections

First Susan Heitkamp — Jackmani

Betty McEldowney — Nobel

Second Lynn McEldowney — Jackmani

Susan Ballinger — Nelli Moser

Third Ron Mescher — Jackmani

Susan Ballinger — Dustin

Honorable mention Karen Mescher — Jackmani

Charles McEldowney — Nelli Moser

Best of Show Perennial: Ray Rayburg — Peony Bartzella




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