A Thousand Horses gears up for Country Concert return


FORT LORAMIE — Michael Hobby plans on meeting up with a few friends when he comes back to Fort Loramie this week – about 20,000 of them, give or take a few.

The lead singer of A Thousand Horses said he and his bandmates have been anticipating their return trip to Fort Loramie where they first performed on the Saloon Stage at last year’s Country Concert.

“I remember how packed it was for our first time (on the Saloon stage) and how amazing the crowd was,” Hobby said during a phone interview recently. “We can’t wait to be back there and up on the main stage and see friends that were there the first time we were there.”

Still riding a wave of success from last year’s No. 1 single “Smoke,” A Thousand Horses kicked off this summer’s touring season with the band’s latest single “Southernality.” The guys will be in the 4 p.m. slot of the July 9 lineup just before Kacey Musgraves, Thomas Rhett and Eric Church.

Joined by lead guitarist Bill Satcher, guitarist Zach Brown and bass player Graham Deloach, Hobby said it never gets old watching fans react to “Smoke” every night.

“You write a song, record it and hope for the best, but you never know, and the response to that song has been mind-blowing,” he said. “We’re incredibly grateful to have a song that people enjoy and that has touched people – that’s what you dream about. I smile every time when I see people singing it with us … I just can’t help it.”

“Southernality” – co-written by Hobby along with Corey Crowder and Neil Mason – is the band’s latest single and extols the virtues of all things “southern.” But it applies to all walks of life, he said.

“Southernality is just a combination of ‘southern’ and ‘personality.’ We grew up in South Carolina and Georgia and it’s a song about where we grew up … being from the south and about being proud of who you are and where you come from no matter where it is,” Hobby explained. “It’s just a fun, high-energy song that has a laid back, relaxed vibe.”

Together since 2010, Hobby said the band has grown together and benefitted from playing for fans all across the country. And it’s that connection with country music fans that keeps A Thousand Horses out on the road performing.

“Honestly, it’s all about the fans — the people that come out and see us play and pay their hard-earned money to see us and have a good time. We’re grateful for that and hope to continue to deliver great shows and build that relationship together,” Hobby said. “We fell in love with music at a young age, and to have the opportunity to do this for a living – we’re all grateful for it.”

They plan on showing fans just how much when they hit the stage Saturday.

“We travel with a big band that likes to bring that energy to the crowd,” he said. “We try to bring it hard and leave people with a memory.”

… Not a bad way to spend the day with a few thousand friends in Fort Loramie.

For more information about A Thousand Horses, connect with them on Facebook or Twitter or visit online at www.athousandhorses.com. To learn more about Country Concert or get ticket information, go to www.countryconcert.com.

A Thousand Horses will return to Fort Loramie Saturday, July 9, when they join the closing-night lineup at the 36th annual Country Concert at Hickory Hill Lakes.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_1000HORSES.jpgA Thousand Horses will return to Fort Loramie Saturday, July 9, when they join the closing-night lineup at the 36th annual Country Concert at Hickory Hill Lakes. Photo courtesy of Big Machine Label Group

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