Hundreds compete in Ansonia’s Firecracker Run 5K


ANSONIA – More than 300 runners and walkers competed in Ansonia’s 33rd annual Firecracker Run on the Fourth of July.

Joe Spitzer from Versailles was the top finisher in the 5K race, winning by almost 43 seconds with a time of 16:35.9. Brady McBride finished second overall, and Aaron Fraley finished third.

Chelsea Halderman was the top female finisher in 20:58.1, Crystal Barton finished second in 21:12.1, and Carolyn Iddings finished third in 21:38.6.

Gavin Moody won the boys 10 and younger division in a time of 24:34.3, Kamdon Riethman finished second in 25:07.8, and Landen Ray finished third in 27:05.1.

Kyrie Unger won the girls 10 and younger division with a time of 25:20.3, Marah Ray finished second in 32:17.2, and Isabella Smith finished third in 33:18.2.

Michael Bair won the boys 11-14 division in 20:59.8, Dalton Marker finished second in 21:05, and Jared Schmitmeyer finished third in 21:41.

Selene Weaver won the girls 11-14 division with a time of 21:47.9, Arianne Garrison finished second in 22:48.2, and Isabelle Rammel finished third in 23:18.6.

Joe Spitzer won the boys 15-18 division in 16:35.9, Brady McBride finished second in 17:18.6, and Isaac Stephens finished third in 17:48.3.

Brooke Perreira won the girls 15-18 division in a time of 22:21.1, Grace Coakley finished second in 22:43.2, and Hayley Maher finished third in 23:22.2.

Ethan Hoening won the men’s 19-24 division with a time of 19:06.4, Ryan Willoughby finished second in 20:50, and Ben Sease finished third in 21:07.4.

Katlin Robinson won the women’s 19-24 division in a time of 23:07.5, Heather Ferris finished second in 23:13.7, and Chelsea Dross finished third in 24:42.9.

Aaron Fraley won the men’s 25-29 division in 17:33.6, John Mobley finished second in 20:12.4, and Tyler Domingo finished third in 24:41.9.

Chelsea Halderman won the women’s 25-29 division with a time of 20:58.1, Whitney Wion finished second in 24:39.4, and Laura Moore finished third in 26:25.4.

Chad Topp won the men’s 30-34 division in a time of 18:26.1, Josh Schwell finished second in 18:39.3, and Trevor Cessna finished third in 20:24.8.

Tracy Cessna won the men’s 30-34 division with a time of 22:08, Courtney Blackford finished second in 23:49.2, and Emily Gilbert finished third in 24:18.1.

Joe Raterman won the men’s 35-39 division in 19:56.7, Bruce Burns finished second in 21:05.6, and Joe Weaver finished third in 21:26.3.

Britni Gettinger won the women’s 35-39 division in a time of 22:01.2, Missy Riethman finished second in 25:00.9, and Amanda Townsend finished third in 26:40.

Justin Marshall won the men’s 40-44 division with a time of 20:31, Joe Hoover finished second in 21:42, and David Wogoman finished third in 22:08.2.

Crystal Barton won the women’s 40-44 division in a time of 21:12.1, Carolyn Iddings finished second in 21:38.6, and Kati Stephens finished third in 24:47.3.

Rory Helms won the men’s 45-49 division in 19:03.8, David Bair finished second in 20:47.2, and George Sowers finished third in 23:06.2.

Tiffany McBride won the women’s 45-49 division in a time of 21:41.2, Brenda Robinson finished second in 23:08, and Jeanne Homan finished third in 23:52.7.

Dan Young won the men’s 50-54 division with a time of 20:23, Bill Haber finished second in 21:06.8, and Scott Snell finished third in 21:15.8.

Kat Unger won the women’s 50-54 division in 23:38.6, Shelly Haber finished second in 24:34.1, and Beverly Smart finished third in 27:51.

Tom Quigley won the men’s 55-59 division in a time of 19:42.5, Rick Moody finished second in 20:23.7, and Dan Homan finished third in 20:36.6.

Sandy Hoening won the women’s 55-59 division with a time of 23:25.9, Cheryl Collins finished second in 25:35.6, and Tammy Holley finished third in 26:21.7.

Gregory Wilson won the men’s 60-64 division in 22:52.2, Richard Barton finished second in 23:42.3, and Ivan Steinke finished third in 23:59.5.

Sandy Dieringer won the women’s 60-64 division in 26:39.8, Terry McCann finished second in 27:18.2, and Yvonne Adams finished third in 31:35.7.

John Villers won the men’s 65-69 division with a time of 24:24.3, Randy Bashore finished second in 26:12.3, and Ron Griffitts finished third in 27:10.9.

Susan Fowble won the women’s 65-69 division in a time of 29:00.1, Rebecca Shumaker finished second in 32:25, and Mary Saintignon finished third in 35:33.7.

Cecil Jackson won the men’s 70 and older division in 28:52.9, Chuck Petty finished second in 30:14.7, and Dale Guingrich finished third in 30:34.2.

Marilyn Sowers won the women’s 70 and older division in 42:23.1, and Phyllis Buckingham finished second in 1:09:14.8.

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