Manage the heat with ways to stay cool and save energy


DARKE COUNTY – As the county is expected to continue to experience high temperatures and hot and humid weather, Dayton Power and Light (DP&L) is offering these hot weather tips to stay cool for less.

What can customers do now to stay cool and save money?

  • Set the AC higher – Since energy used to cool a home during hot weather and heat a home in the winter accounts for almost half of a monthly bill, keep your air conditioning set at 78 degrees.
  • Go automatic – Set air conditioning to “auto” instead of “on” and save on energy costs.
  • Block the sun – Close drapes and blinds during the hottest parts of the day to keep the heat out and the cool air in.
  • Click it off – Turn off unnecessary lights and switch to energy-efficient CFL or LED bulbs that produce less heat.
  • Circulate – Use a ceiling fan or floor fans to circulate air to occupied rooms. Turn them off if you leave because fans cool people not rooms.
  • Small is better – Cook with your microwave or toaster oven instead of your stove.

What changes will save customers long term?

  • Install a programmable thermostat. Proper use can save $180 a year. DP&L offers rebates when you install it with a new high efficiency system.
  • Upgrading your system to a new, efficient model can save $150. DP&L will send you a rebate – you don’t have to do the paperwork.
  • Install a whole-house fan.
  • Insulate your attic and make sure it is properly ventilated.
  • Install energy efficient windows and doors.

If your air conditioning runs constantly, it will result in a higher electric bill. Check our website for tips on saving energy and lowering your electric bills.

DP&L offers a number of payment options and there are a number of payment assistance programs available from the State of Ohio to help customers manage their electric bills. A special home energy assistance program is available for low income customers with a documented illness

Get rid of summer peaks in your bill with budget billing.

DP&L expects to meet the hot weather electricity demands of our 515,000 customers this week. As always, we’re prepared to respond 24/7.

DP&L constantly monitors our generation of power, weather conditions and customer usage throughout our 24-county region. During times of extreme heat, we delay routine work to maximize the capacity of the system. We also have back-up power sources.

The forecast is also calling for a chance for thunderstorms that could cause outages.

Report a power outage by calling DP&L: 877-4OUTAGE (877-468-8243) or online: . You can also check our online outage map (

Notify DP&L of lines that are down by calling 877-4OUTAGE (877-468-8243). For a life-threatening emergency due to a power line: call 911.

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