True patriots won’t touch him



We must ask ourselves, what sort of creature is Donald Trump really? Seldom if ever was a presidential candidate so plainly out of sync with the zeitgeist or so prone to megamania.

Modern-day Freudians would probably note his superiority complex first and foremost. His contempt for most of humanity – i.e. – females, is also embarrassingly self-evident. Arrogance, swagger and enormous wealth do not a president make.

We Americans will not and cannot be governed by drill sergeants, foreign or domestic We’ll not be cozened into constructing an absurd wall between ourselves and our southern neighbor at a cost of billions to maintain.

Mr. Trump has the Gun Lobby and the Tea Party in his pocket, but his fellow Republicans and true patriots won’t touch him with a pair of tongs. Conservatives don’t mock the physically challenged, belittle the loyal opposition, or foist unwarranted fear.


William Dauenhauer

Willowick, Ohio

By William Dauenhauer

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