DNC 2016: Trumka: Jobs, fair wages ‘key for prosperity’


PHILADELPHIA — Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, addressed the Pennsylvania Delegation Monday to talk about jobs and equal pay and fair wages for all American workers.

“Hillary will change America for the better,” Trumka said.

The labor leader said workers need a strong voice on the job and during the campaign. He urged the delegates to remain organized, be mobilized and stay energized.

“The key to prosperity for America is to have fair wages for everybody,” Trumka said. “Working people need to speak out with a strong voice.”

Trumka said a key is to fix what he called “America’s broken immigration system.” He said working people “are in the driver’s seat.”

Jobswas an issue that was talked about all morning as the delegates got their first glimpse of what their party is planning for the campaign.


By Bill O’Boyle

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