‘Drying Foods’ program to be held at the library


GREENVILLE — Summer is the time of year to enjoy all the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables that ripen in the hot sun. Learn to preserve both for the months ahead through the process of drying!

Diane Barga returns to the Greenville Public Library Thursday, July 28 at 6:30 p.m. to demonstrate four methods: vine drying, microwave drying, oven drying, and using a dehydrator. There will be banana chips and other fruits to taste.

Barga will also show how to package and store dried foods as well as how to use them and rehydrate them. For instance dried foods can be used in an emergency or while hiking or camping. She is a popular teacher at the Library and has held classes on pressure canning and making jellies and jams.

Barga is from the OSU Extension Office and loves teaching people new skills. She teaches Family and Consumer Sciences in schools and at the Darke County office in such subjects as parenting, money management, and food preservation. Her program and class schedule can be seen at http://darke.osu.edu, on her Facebook page, and in the local press.

She also has a six-week program called “Live Healthy, Live Well” that you can sign up for where you receive good advice by email. She has been with the Darke County Office for 13 years and is a graduate of OSU in Family Relations & Human Development.


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