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In the several recent years that I have been in my home overlooking a portion of the Greenville City Park, I’ve seen many positive changes to that park … to name a few: added lighting to the walkways, a new home for the peafowl, lighted fountains in the lagoons, and festive lighting in the park during the winter holidays.

I hear many complimentary comments about our park by people visiting our town. The folks who have dedicated their time and efforts to these park projects are certainly deserving of a “thank you” — they should be aware that their work is appreciated. “My hat’s off” to any local governmental agencies and citizens who helped make the changes possible. I believe some of those involved are: the park manager, the volunteer park board members and the street department (whose trucks I often see in the park). Know that the results of your efforts are appreciated!

While on the subject of amenities in Greenville and Darke County, we can’t forget the Garst Museum and Shawnee Prairie Preserve — truly historical “jewels” in our town; the Darke County Center for the Arts, dedicated to providing top-notch artists to entertain us in our treasured St. Clair Memorial Hall and in our coffee houses; our nicely-restored library; and Broadway, with its many dedicated and successful owners and managers of the shops and businesses along the way.

I realize I can’t cover all that our area has to offer … the CIC (for Darke County economic development), our manufacturing facilities (their managers and associates), our governmental agencies improving our bridges, roads, schools … etcetera, etcetera. All sources of pride! … I’m sure our founding fathers would be very happy to see Greenville as it stands today.

Thanks to all of those who serve us so well,

Phyllis Thomas


By Phyllis Thomas


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