Darke County Fair hosts horseshoe pitching tournaments


DARKE COUNTY – The first half of the Darke County Fair’s daily horseshoe tournaments have concluded.

The horseshoe tournaments began on Friday with an eight-person round robin tournament. Delbert Fourman was the champion, winning with a 7-0 record and 216 points.

Brian Fisher had five wins and 205 points to finish second while Ray Beyke had five wins and 192 points to place third. Gary Arledge finished fourth with 192 points and four wins while Larry Barga had four wins and 187 points to place fifth.

Hop Muter finished sixth with one win and 165 points, and Larry Fourman finished seventh with one win and 76 points. Larry Fouche finished eighth with 14 points and no wins.

In a doubles tournament on Saturday Delbert Fourman and Gary Arledge were victorious with three victories and 105 points. Ray Beyke and Austin Hill finished second with two wins and 103 points. B. Meyer and Larry Fourman finished third with no wins and 33 points.

In a King of the Hill tournament on Sunday Ralph Fleckenstein was the champion with seven wins and 245 points. Sandy Dehart was the runner up with six wins and 215 points, and Ray Beyke finished third with six wins and 210 points.

Delbert Fourman and Tom Kirk tied for fourth place as they both had five wins and 193 points. Austin Hill placed sixth with three wins and 175 points while Mike Kuether was seventh with three wins and 167 points.

Larry Fourman finished eighth with one win and 50 points, and Ryan Alexander was ninth with no wins and 17 points.

In the Darke County Horseshoe Club tournament on Monday Leonard Conner won the Class A championship with five wins and 159 points. Delbert Fourman finished second with four wins and 130 points, Sandy Dehart was third with three wins and 141 points, Tom Kirk finished fourth with two wins and 104 points, Gary Arledge placed fifth with one win and 117 points, and Brian Fisher was sixth with no wins and 60 points.

Larry Fouche won the Darke County Horseshoe Club Class B tournament with three wins and 93 points. Ray Beyke was second with two wins and 90 points, Richard Edwards placed third with one win and 81 points, and Larry Fourman finished fourth with no wins and 12 points.

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Daily horseshoe pitching tournaments are being contested at the 2016 Darke County Fair.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Horseshoes-WEB.jpgDaily horseshoe pitching tournaments are being contested at the 2016 Darke County Fair. Kyle Shaner|The Daily Advocate

By Kyle Shaner

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