New cardiac tool helps squad


ANSONIA — Ansonia Rescue Squad personnel are grateful for a new piece of equipment they have obtained. It’s the Physio-Control LUCAS® 2 Chest Compression System.

“It’s already saved a life,” said Joe Widener, board representative. “The cardiac stumper [LUCAS 2] delivers better chest compressions and it’s safer for us and medics to use..”

It’s battery-operated and put on a patient during a medical cardiac issue, he explained.

“We got it at the end of August and used it two weeks later, and, we haven’t used it since,” he said in a recent interview.

According to his wife, Angie, scheduling officer for the squad, Ansonia Rescue was at Eldora Speedway during a race when the call came, “Unknown medical issue; man down.”

“It ended up being a full arrest,” said Joe, who was on that run. “It took three rounds of CPR to get his pulse back. He was transported to Coldwater and to St. Rita’s nine days for a heart catheterization and rehabilitation.”

The Wideners said that there are usually two or three squad members on a run, and with this machine, during a heart-related illness, it can free up the other people to continue other necessary procedures, such as taking vitals of the patient.

“It continues simultaneously…101 compressions a minute,” Joe said. “It is safer for us going down the road. It delivers better CPR because it’s consistent.”

In order to purchase this piece of equipment, Ansonia Rescue raised $9,200 with a picture fundraiser, while the other $3,500 came from a state grant.

“We want to thank everybody for the donations,” Joe said.

By Linda Moody

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