Versailles girls swim team places 10th at Celina Sprint Meet


PORTLAND, Ind. – The Versailles High School girls swim team placed 10th out of 18 teams at the Celina Sprint Swim Meet on Saturday at Jay County High School in Indiana.

Teams scoring points were as follows: 1st, Jay County High School, 132 points; 2nd, Ottawa Glandorf High School, 114 points; 3rd, Bellefontaine High School, 101 points; 4th, Celina High School, 79.5 points; 5th, Fort Recovery High School, 72.5 points; 6th, Perrysburg High School, 80 points; 7th, Elida High School, 16 points; 8th, New Bremen High School, 17 points; 9th, Elida High School, 16 points; 10th, Versailles High School, 6 points; and 11th, Botkins High School, 4 points.

The results for Versailles High School were as follows:

50 yard freestyle: Heather Albers, 28th place, 28.32; Emily Kramer, 37th place, 28.62; Faith Wilker, 49th place, 29.28; Tori Ahrens, 56th place, 29.49; Payton Berger, 80th place, 30.52; Grace Francis, 92nd place, 30.92; Kasidy Dross, 105th place, 31.68; Courtney Batten, 107th place, 31.82; Lucy Prakel, 118th place, 32.20; Deanna Day, 121st place, 32.32; Kari Mangen, 128th place, 32.57; Grace Carman, 129th place, 32.63; Chloe Francis, 141st place, 33.31; Jaden Prenger, 152nd place, 33.80; Kaia Kruckeberg, 166th place, 34.69; Morgan Frederick, 168th place, 34.80; Lacee Cotterman, 169th place, 34.90; Hannah Bey, 177th place, 35.80; Shelby Smith, 185th place, 36.51; Katelyn Rush, 192nd place, 37.48; Adel Karolyi, 195th place, 37.61; Taylor Cordonnier, 197th place, 38.04; Olivia Waymire, 202nd place, 38.54; Claire Keiser, 206th place, 39.32

50 yard butterfly: Faith Wilker, 33rd place, 32.34; Heather Albers, 36th place, 32.45; Emily Kramer, 39th place, 32.71; Grace Francis, 73rd place, 35.92; Tori Ahrens, 78th place, 36.51; Courtney Batten, 80th place, 36.72; Kasidy Dross, 84th place, 36.82; Payton Berger, 101st place, 38.52; Deanna Day, 106th place, 38.95; Grace Carman, 108th place, 39.34; Kari Mangen, 111th place, 39.54; Lucy Prakel, 118th place, 40.15; Hannah Bey, 126th place, 41.42; Taylor Cordonnier, 129th place, 41.66; Morgan Frederick, 134th place, 41.95; Chloe Francis, 135th place, 41.98; Claire Keiser, 138th place, 42.97; Kaia Kruckeberg, 143rd place, 44.11; Lacee Cotterman, 148th place, 45.49; Jaden Prenger, 156th place, 48.59; Shelby Smith, 158th place, 49.07; Olivia Waymire, 163rd place, 50.12; Adel Karolyi, 168th place, 52.37; Katelyn Rush, 171st place, 53.78

50 yard backstroke: Emily Kramer, 23rd place, 33.40; Faith Wilker, 62nd place, 36.21; Courtney Batten, 65th place, 36.35; Grace Francis, 77th place, 37.38; Heather Albers, 81st place, 37.74; Kasidy Dross, 82nd place, 37.83; Tori Ahrens, 110th place, 39.52; Lucy Prakel, 122nd place, 40.58; Kari Mangen, 128th place, 41.18; Morgan Frederick, 132nd place, 41.55; Deanna Day, 134th place, 41.79; Taylor Cordonnier, 144th place, 42.55; Payton Berger, 145th place, 42.64; Chloe Francis, 147th place, 42.88; Kaia Kruckeberg, 160th place, 43.82; Lacee Cotterman, 164th place, 43.98; Grace Carman, 167th place, 44.48; Claire Keiser, 171st place, 44.99; Shelby Smith, 180th place, 46.06; Hannah Bey, 187th place, 47.09; Jaden Prenger, 191st place, 47.31; Adel Karolyi, 196th place, 47.94; Katelyn Rush, 196th place, 49.72; Olivia Waymire, 213th place, 53.32

50 yard breaststroke: Heather Albers, 11th place, 34.92; Payton Berger, 26th place, 37.32; Emily Kramer, 31st place, 38.00; Faith Wilker, 41st place, 38.80; Lucy Prakel, 53rd place, 40.10; Tori Ahrens, 70th place, 41.24; Hannah Bey, 75th place, 41.41; Taylor Cordonnier, 97th place, 43.21; Grace Francis, 101st place, 43.34; Courtney Batten, 127th place, 45.64; Grace Carman, 134th place, 46.53; Deanna Day, 136th place, 46.77; Kasidy Dross, 137th place, 47.04; Kaia Kruckeberg, 141st place, 47.47; Chloe Francis, 152nd place, 48.69; Kari Mangen, 158th place, 49.89; Adel Karolyi, 161st place, 50.44; Shelby Smith, 162nd place, 50.52; Jaden Prenger, 167th place, 51.95; Katelyn Rush, 173rd place, 53.55; Morgan Frederick, 175th place, 53.83; Lacee Cotterman, 181st place, 55.30 (tie); Olivia Waymire, 181st place, 55.30 (tie); Claire Keiser, 191st place, 1:00.29

The team is coached by Penny Cromwell and Mark Travis. For more information about the swim team, visit its website at, click on Athletics, click on Sports Schedules and click on Swimming.

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