Versailles boys swim team places 3rd at Celina Sprint Meet


PORTLAND, Ind. – The Versailles High School boys team placed third out of 18 teams at the Celina Sprint Swim Meet on Saturday at Jay County High School in Indiana.

Teams scoring points were as follows: 1st, Celina High School, 260 points; 2nd, Perrysburg High School, 179 points; 3rd, Versailles High School, 55 points; 4th, Ottawa Glandorf High School, 54 points; 5th, Jay County High School, 22 points; 6th, Bath High School, 19 points; 7th, St. Marys Memorial High School, 12 points; 8th, Kenton High School, 9 points (tie); 8th, Botkins High School, 9 points (tie); 10th, New Bremen High School, 1 point.

Versailles’ Cole Condon broke the school record in the 50 yard butterfly. His time of 25.57 beat his own previous record of 26.61 set at the Celina Sprint Meet in 2015.

The results for Versailles High School were as follows:

50 yard freestyle: Cole Condon, 7th place, 23.68; Clint Morgan, 9th place, 23.77; Kyle Dapore, 36th place, 26.14; Nathanial Nelson, 56th place, 27.35; Stuart Baltes, 60th place, 27.68; Mitchell Huelskamp, 74th place, 28.60; Noah Waymire, 86th place, 29.66; Adam Gehret, 97th place, 30.27; Pete Barga, 99th place, 30.45; Jarrod Wagner, 103rd place, 31.05

50 yard butterfly: Cole Condon, 5th place, 25.57; Clint Morgan, 21st place, 28.41; Kyle Dapore, 34th place, 29.18; Stuart Baltes, 40th place, 29.86; Nathanial Nelson, 71st place, 35.02; Pete Barga, 77th place, 36.06; Mitchell Huelskamp, 86th place, 39.44; Adam Gehret, 87th place, 40.30; Noah Waymire, 88th place, 40.57; Jarrod Wagner, 93rd place, 44.69

50 yard backstroke: Cole Condon, 8th place, 29.30; Clint Morgan, 15th place, 30.20; Kyle Dapore, 33rd place, 32.43; Stuart Baltes, 35th place, 32.66; Pete Barga, 87th place, 38.78; Mitchell Huelskamp, 94th place, 40.31; Nathanial Nelson, 99th place, 40.81; Noah Waymire, 105th place, 42.53; Jarrod Wagner, 110th place, 44.43; Adam Gehret, 114th place, 45.43

50 yard breaststroke: Cole Condon, 10th place, 32.27; Kyle Dapore, 31st place, 35.27; Clint Morgan, 35th place, 35.73; Stuart Baltes, 66th place, 39.22; Nathanial Nelson, 74th place, 40.16; Adam Gehret, 75th place, 40.22; Pete Barga, 86th place, 43.42; Jarrod Wagner, 100th place, 51.12;

The team is coached by Penny Cromwell and Mark Travis. For more information about the swim team, please visit its website at, click on Athletics, click on Sports Schedules and click on Swimming.


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