Christmas Ponderings


Most of us will enjoy a very Merry Christmas with a house filled with our families and friends and a tree brimming with presents underneath. We will internally acknowledge Christmas as the best of all holidays, as we watch the looks and expressions on the kid’s faces when they open that special gift.

Truly the Christmas season is a time for giving, and giving back—a time to thank God for his many blessings; our family, health, and freedom.

It’s equally true there will be homes and hearts that will feel their family’s loss this Christmas. There is an empty chair, a memory, and a heartache which can never be filled. Some of these families are those of the millions of our American soldiers who gave their lives for the freedoms we possess. These soldiers understood the great need to maintain freedom at all costs, even unto death. Freedom which many of us may perhaps take for granted such as the freedom of speech.

The freedom which allows individuals to pray, speak out against tyranny, ban together for change, and voice their opinions without retaliation also allows the ignorant to burn the United States Flag or taking a knee during our National Anthem. These dishonorable actions are offensive to any patriot and heartless to the families who have lost their son, daughter, husband or wife.

Anyone that served their country knows they are part of something greater than self; they become part of a brotherhood that can never be broken.

This Christmas let us take a moment to include these hurting families within our family prayers as a compassionate expression of gratitude for their sacrifice; a sacrifice benefiting us, our families, our future and the future generations to come.

To all my fellow Veterans and their families have a Merry Christmas and Happy New year.


By Dave Miller

Versailles VFW and American Legion

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