Thank you for the help



I would like to give a grateful “thank you” to Shane Coby at the County Garage and to Rudy Teaford.

We live back in the woods and have lots of wildlife that we see often…almost enough to seem like “ours.” When one of the deer was hit on Kruckeberg Road and left for several days, I called various places in the county and township for help and did not receive any return calls. However, eventually spoke with Shane Coby who was quite understanding and helpful and he contacted Rudy Teaford to move it.

Their quick response within n hour or so was appreciated. I know there are many more important things on the agenda that this situation but Mr. Colby and Mr. Teaford renewed my faith in the government system to help out the community.

In addition to my phone call to them with thanks, I would like them to be commended for their assistance and their helpful attitudes. They are appreciated.

Thank you,

Patti Jetter


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