Versailles girls bowling team wins sectional tournament


HUBER HEIGHTS – The Mississinawa Valley and Versailles girls bowling teams both advanced to the Ohio High School Athletic Association district tournament.

The girls from Ansonia, Mississinawa Valley and Versailles all competed in the OHSAA Division II sectional meet on Wednesday at Poelking Marian Lanes in Huber Heights. The Versailles girls won the sectional championship while the Mississinawa Valley girls finished seventh to advance in the tournament.

The format included three traditional games and six Baker games. At the end of the day the top 10 teams in the 21-team field qualified for the district tournament.

With games of 761, 845 and 870, Versailles was in third place with a 2,476 series following the first three rounds. The Tigers trailed Kenton Ridge (2,494) and Mechanicsburg (2,479).

Mississinawa Valley rolled games of 761, 720 and 673 for a 2,154 series and was in eighth place after the first three games.

Ansonia rolled games of 525, 606 and 605 for a 1,736 series, putting the Tigers in 18th place.

In the Baker rounds Versailles rolled games of 189, 173, 167, 148, 195 and 171 to move into first place and win the sectional tournament with a total score of 3,519.

Mississinawa Valley had Baker scores of 170, 127, 161, 152, 138 and 138, moving up one spot in the team standings with a total score of 3,040.

Ansonia rolled scores of 112, 108, 97, 126, 123 and 147 to finish the day with a total score of 2,449, dropping to 19th in the team standings ahead of Newton and Riverside.

The top Darke County bowler was Versailles sophomore Morgan Heitkamp, who finished fifth overall with games of 174, 160 and 197 for a three-game series of 531.

Versailles senior Brigette Holsapple had games of 175, 161 and 170 for a 506 series, finishing 12th overall.

Versailles junior Makenzie Berning finished 22nd overall with games of 158, 158 and 169 for a 485 series.

Versailles sophomore Morgan Barlage finished 25th overall with games of 139, 191 and 153 for a 483 series.

Versailles senior Maggie Hedrick rolled games of 175 and 181.

Senior Spencer Warren led Mississinawa Valley with games of 159, 189 and 160 to place 10th overall with a 508 series.

Mississinawa Valley junior Airrika Westfall finished 41st overall with games of 181, 141 and 121 for a 443 series.

Mississinawa Valley senior Tiffany Westfall rolled games of 139, 142 and 150 for a 431 series to place 44th overall.

Mississinawa Valley junior Payton Reichard finished 48th overall as she rolled games of 150, 145 and 119 for a 414 series.

Mississinawa Valley senior Tabitha Richards rolled games of 132, 103 and 123 to place 66th with a 358 series.

Ansonia junior Sarah Rhoades led the Tigers with games of 128, 115 and 155 for a 398 series, placing 55th overall.

Ansonia senior Madison Stover finished 67th overall with games of 113, 121 and 122 for a 356 series.

Ansonia junior Lexi Shinn finished 76th with games of 109, 125 and 104 for a 338 series.

Ansonia senior Molly Walls rolled games of 90, 101 and 108 to finish 87th overall with a 299 series.

Ansonia junior Rebecca Thornhill rolled games of 144 and 116 while senior Audrey Kelly rolled an 85.

The Mississinawa Valley and Versailles girls bowling teams will compete in the district tournament on Thursday at Beaver-Vu Lanes.

For more information about the district tournament and complete results from the sectional tournament, visit the Southwest District website at
Mississinawa girls also advance to district tournament

By Kyle Shaner

[email protected]

Henry Bourne contributed to this report.

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