Department in full support of keeping dispatch



RE: Greenville Police/Fire Dispatch

To the citizens of Greenville:

The Greenville Police Department is in full support of keeping the Police and Fire Dispatch center serving the citizens of Greenville. We have a dedicated and well trained staff who have the best interest of our citizens and businesses in mind.

The GPD is a nationally accredited police agency through CALEA (The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement), which means we adhere to a set of national standards based on best practices. Our policy and procedural applications help ensure that anyone who needs to interact with Greenville Dispatch will receive the same level of service every time. These policies, procedures and the CALEA accreditation process hold us accountable and ensure we are living up to what we say we do.

Greenville Dispatch takes numerous calls that are always answered in a timely and professional manner. It can often get very hectic but having two dispatch centers prevents the likelihood of being overwhelmed during any critical incident.

The county Commissioners made a resolution that stated they would provide dispatching services for free. Yet they will not sign a contract or a terms of agreement on the use of the Sheriff ‘s Office dispatching service. I believe negotiations and a common agreement is the first step to any fruitful endeavor to ensure the best outcome.

We have been told the Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communication system is old and failing. I question why taking an additional cost and responsibility at this point is prudent? All funds should be saved and spent toward fixing and replacing the current system and/or going to the state’s MARCS system.

I have spent 31 years of my life with the Greenville Police Department and am proud of our commitment to providing the highest quality of service to our citizens. Keeping the GPD Dispatch will provide for that level of service and commitment well into the future.

Chief Dennis L. Butts

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