Village of Union City Ohio council cancels $49,500 restroom project


UNION CITY, Ohio — A discussion ending in disbanding a motion for a $49,500 bathroom was approved, during an August 7 Village of Union City, Ohio, Council Meeting.

The council moved to disband a motion to build a 12 foot x 25 foot restroom in the Railroad Park, based on an estimate and plans prepared by Motes and Associates, Inc. The project was previously started with a NatureWorks Grant of $17,000. Other grants supporting the project totaled approximately $$37,500, leaving a $12,000 discrepancy.

According to Union City, Ohio Clerk of Council Karen Stubbs the funds are not available unless the village moves forward with the project.

“When I proposed this to you, we were looking at $32,000 – 35,000 now it is a little more than we had planned,” she said.

In addition to expense, other deciding factors in disbanding the motion were deadlines for grant monies to be used, the low potential use of the restroom and vandalism. Stubbs said the village would owe the engineering costs and not take the grants.

During public participation, a member of the community complained about holes in an alley near the trailer park.

“They go down pretty deep,” he said.

Some council members explained it was the responsibility of the trailer park owner, and the issue had been previously investigated. The community member said the Darke County Courthouse advised it was a street and it was the Village’s responsibility. Council said they would look into the matter.

The following resolutions/ordinances were read and passed: A certificate of resolution 2017 for the Village of Union City, Ohio section 125 premium only plan, plan year ending August 31, 2018; An ordinance authorizing the tax administrator of the Village of Union City, Ohio to declare 47 tax accounts in the amount of $9,090.16 as noncollectable; A resolution authorizing the mayor and or village administrator-fiscal officer to prepare and submit an application to participate in the Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement and or local transportation improvement programs and to execute contract as required; A resolution authorizing the fiscal officer of the Corporation of Union City, Ohio to certify delinquent water, sewer, waste hauling and mowing charges to the county auditor to be placed on the tax duplicate; An ordinance authorizing the mayor, village administrator/fiscal officer and utility director of the Corporation of Union City, Ohio, to enter into a contract with Rick Snyder for Operator of Record Services for the water and wastewater plants and An ordinance amending the Municipal Income Tax ordinance no. 2015-23 as it relates to penalties for certain tax violations.

In addition, the following motions were approved: a five percent utility rate increase, starting with the September billing period; hiring Caleb Custer as fire/rescue employee at $10.75/hour; hiring Jeff Turner as Police Sargent with $1 raise; hiring Justin Jordan as full-time police officer and hiring a contracted part-time record scanner for the police department at $10 an hour.

By Carolyn Harmon

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