3rd Rock of Ages talent show to be held Veteran’s Day


GREENVILLE — Veterans Memorial Park and Digital Library keeps history alive by recording, storing, and reporting the oral histories, pictures, and memorabilia of veterans. The mission is to chronicle the sacrifices of yesterday before they become forever lost to tomorrow. Veterans’ eyewitness accounts help preserve these valuable pieces of history.

The mission includes cooperation between Greenville High School, participating service organizations, individual veterans, and family members of veterans passed.

“The cooperation is a windfall for both student and veterans, because we get access to a studio and equipment for our mission, and the high school students get practical exercise on producing relevant material,” said a representative. “The students are inspired by the program. The growth and creativity blossoming from these students makes us beam with pride. While we continue develop partnerships with local media, other schools, OHIOLinks, and the Library of Congress to further expand our link with other veterans’ libraries, we hope to be the best practice for other high school or college media programs.”

The talent show on Veteran’s Day 2017 is free admission and open to the public. Talent acts will compete for Best Overall Show with $1,000 prize, Most Original Act with $500 prize, and People’s Choice Award with $500 prize (chosen by audience vote). The first two awards will be judged by a panel of all celebrity veterans. The show will wrap up with a performance by our special guest Superconductor.

Talent acts may apply to the show by emailing [email protected] by Friday, October 20. Last year’s overall winner was a gripping digital short “22” by Alexander Stewart depicting a returning soldier overcome by his invisible wounds.

According to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs statistics, 600,000 of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II are still alive; but approximately 1,500 veterans die daily. Unfortunately, there are no surviving American WW I veterans.

“Our mission allows us to learn directly from the surviving vets that protected our country and shaped its future so that we never forget,” said a representative. “The perspectives that the individual soldier lived through war and survived are more in depth, detailed.”

The five-year-plan is to build a first-of-its-kind, state-of-the-art digital memorial. It will be an interactive display where visitors can give the memorial voice commands. The digital memorial will represent what can be found online, and it will be different from all other memorials, because the digital memorial will be veteran-centered.

For more on the plans and our park’s history, please visit us on Facebook or YouTube at Veterans Memorial Park and Digital Library. For press inquiries, please call Mike Maloney at 937-542-0966 or email [email protected].

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