Greenville City Council agrees to amended bike rack report


GREENVILLE — Greenville City Council voted unanimously to amend a committee report during its Tuesday night meeting.

A Safety Committee report had recommended a number of modifications for the bike racks removed from Broadway in downtown Greenville in August. The committee recommended the bike racks have the seat portion of the racks removed, have the racks repainted a dark green color, and Main Street Greenville be required to provide insurance coverage for any liability claims under a “hold harmless” agreement.

Councilman Todd Oliver motioned to accept the report, but added he would like to amend the recommendations of the committee, to instead have the racks remain the original color and the city should pay for their reinstallation.

Others on council voiced their agreement with Oliver’s motion to amend the report.

“I agree with Mr. Oliver,” said Councilwoman Dori Howdieshell. “I think they ought to be put back up. I had a lot of conversations with people in Greenville and they like the colors because they are vibrant, they catch your eye, and take your eye right up to the businesses.”

“Someone with a vision situation, and in a low-light situation, they could run right over the top of those and fall,” said Councilman Leon Rogers, regarding the change to a dark green color. “I think we should leave them the same color as what they were.”

Councilman John Hensley pointed out the committee’s assignment did not allow for a recommendation on the city’s share of the cost for installation, however.

“I wanted to include that since the city had them removed,” said Oliver, who nonetheless agreed to strike his motion to have the city pay the cost.

Council voted unanimously to amend the report, and then to accept the other provisions of the amended report.

Council also accepted two reports submitted by Ad Hoc Committees. The first report recommended against any restructuring of the Police Department. The second report, regarding restructuring and adding workers to the Street Department, was accepted.

An extension was granted to the Safety Committee regarding its assignment to review the estimates for dispatch consoles and make a recommendation to council on the purchase.

In other business, council passed an ordinance for Equipment Maintenance – Warning Sirens in the amount of $1,207.00; an ordinance transferring $3,000 to the General Fund from Salaries – Custodian to Insurance – Municipal Building due to the property liability insurance premium being higher than expected due to value increase; a resolution rezoning four tracts of land from Urban Residential (UR) to Special Use (SU) for the purpose of condominium development at the Brethren Retirement Community; a resolution to accept bids for the North Ohio Street sidewalk construction project; and a resolution authorizing appropriations to the General Fund in the amount of $103,818.30 for the 2017 maintenance paving contract and to the capital improvement fund for roadway enhancement.

Greenville City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. The public is invited to attend and address council. The meetings are livestreamed on the City of Greenville, Ohio YouTube channel and may also be viewed in their entirety beginning the following day.

By Erik Martin

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