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The Union City, Ohio Wall of History committee is still active in researching and compiling the history of the village and its beginning to the present.

Our mission when we started was, and still is, to preserve the history of the village for this generation and upcoming future generations.

You can help us to accomplish our goal by writing and submitting your memories of your experiences while living here; tell us about your family, friends, neighbors, schools and businesses. Sharing the copies of any buildings, churches or businesses or anything of interest, such as obituaries of those who have passed, would also benefit our cause.

We currently have books filled with photographs of people and stories of those people we know, old businesses, churches, early settlers, council minutes from the early 1900s, a leather-bound book with the history of the first platting of our streets, electric, water and contracts with the railroads, A 1926 map of our Village that shows who owned every lot at that time and every street is also listed.

We have many advertising items and photos of people that are unidentified; therefore, we need names for those individuals.

Currently, we are located at the entrance of the city building which is located at 419 East Elm Street in Union City, Ohio. Our growing compilation of data has led to a space issue so we are always looking for ways to solve this problem, At my home office, I have several books of information that I have finished and several stacks of folders of pages I have stored for future organizational efforts; these include many small advertising items and photographs that need to be available for public viewing. If you have space or know of empty space that would be suitable for our purposes, please call me or any committee member.

Our committee welcomes your interest and/or assistance. If you have any questions, please call me at 937-968-4756.

We would appreciate your help.

Betty Grimes, Chairperson

Union City, Ohio – 937-968-4756

By Betty Grimes, chairperson

Union City, Ohio

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