District governor speaks to UC Lions


UNION CITY, Ind. – The Union City Lions Club met April 23rd at the Community Room in Union City. They welcomed two special guests to their meeting.

First, they heard from their Indiana District 25-D Governor, Isabel Atcheson from Marion, Ind. She talked to the club about Indiana State Projects including Cancer Research Funding, Sight Preservation, Leader Dogs, Speech and Hearing, and the School for the Blind. The Union City Lions support many of the Indiana State Projects each year. Governor Isabel also presented Years of Service awards to Union City Lions Gary Miller (30 years), Rick Lacy (30 years), Troy Rose (10 years), and Larry Amspaugh (10 years).

They were also joined tonight by Union City resident, Angie Armstrong. She represented the Buckeye Firearms Foundation and talked about the “Faster Saves Lives” program they are involved with. This is a program for educators and seeks to train teachers to react to school violence with armed response and emergency medical aid. Armstrong explained to the group about how a program like this could be beneficial to local school systems.

They also welcomed two new members to the club. Len Hindsley and Tom Cline became the newest UC Lions.

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