High School Art Show at Arts Depot

UNION CITY, Ind. – Students representing six local high schools submitted their works into the annual High School Art Show at the Arts Depot. Schools included Randolph Central, Randolph Eastern, Randolph Southern, Monroe Central, Union and Mississinawa.

Best of Show was presented to Brynna Buckmaster.

Best Recycled Art was won by Cynthia Morgan.

Best Photograph went to Coen Formanek.

All winners and participants at the opening received prizes of art supplies purchased with a grant from the Community Foundation of Randolph County.

The following are results from each category (listed as first, second, third):

Painting – Lynsie King, Elijah Livingston, Lynsie King

Watercolor – Kayla Shafer, Brynna Buckmaster, Zach Slaven

Sculpture – Bailey Barnett, Destiny Lankford, Land Shore

Recycled Art – Cynthia Morgan, Bre Harrison, Madyson Davison

Ceramics – Kami Miller, Sandy Padilla, Shea Halper

Drawing – Cynthia Morgan, Katlin Wendel, Alexus Schleisman

Pen & Ink – Victoria Sutherland, Spencer Croll, Emma Schmidt

Mixed Media – Sandy Padilla, Lauryn Clevenger, Brynna Buckmaster

Photography – Coen Formanek, Coen Formanek, Ian Terrell

Pastels – Lydia Baldwin, Jacob Dircksen, Shadaisey Smith

Honorable Mentions – Haillie Bush, Lydia Clark, Stacy Cox, Spencer Croll, Kevalina Davis, Sylaris Denney, Savannah Freiberger, Madalyn Friend, Adriahn Hindsley, Isabelle Horn, Katie Ibarra (2), Alex O’Brien, Holly Oren, Makenzi Jeronimo, Lynsie King, Destiny Lankford, Amaya Latello, Elijah Livingston (2), Terri Mayes, Junior McKinney, Sandy Padilla, Kayla Patterson, Madison Ruddell, Emma Schmidt, Brenan Sipe, Madison Zachar-Smith, Abby Stewart, Ian Terrell, Spencer Thomas, and Olivia Thurston

The AARC is also sponsoring a special project called the “Brooklyn Library Sketchbook Project.”

The art students will fill in a 16-page sketchbook and submit it to be displayed in the Brooklyn Library’s Sketchbook Collection. It is a traveling exhibit of sketchbooks from all types of artists.

The students selected to represent their school in the project are: Madison Ruddell for Randolph Southern, Spencer Thomas for Randolph Eastern, Emily Covert for Randolph Central, Lauryn Clevenger for Monroe Central, Cynthia Morgan for Mississinawa, and Savannah Freiberger for Union.