World of Outlaws ready for for #Lets Race two at Eldora Speedway


ROSSBURG, OH – Not a lap went by when there wasn’t a battle for the lead at the 2018 Eldora Speedway #LetsRaceTwo doubleheader and the World of Outlaw NOS® Energy Drink Sprint Car Series will return to the speedway May 10-11 to do it again.

The stars of the World of Outlaws will again battle competitive local racers and non-Series regulars, such as Christopher Bell, for two nights of heart-pounding action that give true meaning to The Greatest Show on Dirt. Eldora is also a track every driver wants to win at, as it’s been on the Series’ schedule since the inaugural 1978 season.

Tony Stewart Racing driver Donny Schatz swept both #LetsRaceTwo races at his owner’s track last year. But his competition didn’t make it easy on him.

Schatz found himself in a three-way battle for the lead during the first night of racing at Eldora with Aaron Reutzel and Ohio-native Jac Haudenschild. The start of the race saw Haudenschild jump to the early lead, while Schatz battled his way from third to second on the first lap.

The two veterans battled side by side for several laps. While they did, Reutzel, like a hungry cheetah, closed on them from third in a hurry. On Lap 10, he got a big enough run to pass Schatz down the backstretch and then Haudenschild in turns three and four to take the lead. His lead only last for a straightaway, though.

Haudenschild used the high side to his advantage and reclaimed the lead in turns one and two. But, again, Reutzel refused to back down. Reutzel had the better run off of turn two and charged to the lead.

He had the speed to pull away with the win, but jumped the cushion in turn one the next lap, hit the wall hard and flipped. Schatz squeezed his way through an airborne Reutzel and the wall to move his way into the lead.

Later in the race both Brad Sweet and Logan Schuchart made attempts to battle Schatz for the win, but didn’t have enough for the reigning champion.

Schuchart again challenged Schatz for the win on night two of the #LetsRaceTwo at Eldora. The two battled for the lead throughout the entire Feature, but Schuchart never had a strong enough run to get by Schatz.

This year’s #LetsRaceTwo is shaping up to be just as exciting as last year. Schatz has already found victory lane in Las Vegas and is in a tight battle for the points lead with Sweet. He is only eight points behind Sweet, and third-place Daryn Pittman is only sixteen points behind Sweet.

Schuchart has already had a strong start to the season winning two races in the first 13 events of the year. He and his Shark Racing team will be hungry for another win. Same as Ohio-native Sheldon Haudenschild, who is still looking for his first win this season. Christopher Bell, who won at Eldora in October, will also be in attendance, looking for his third Eldora win.

Event information for the race is available at If you can’t make it to the track, be sure to watch the race LIVE on

Following the Series’ visit to Eldora Speedway, The Greatest Show on Dirt will make its next stop Wednesday, May 15, at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, Pa.

Previous Feature winners

2018 – Donny Schatz on May 11, Donny Schatz on May 12, Shane Stewart on July 12, Donny Schatz on July 13, Donny Schatz on July 14, Brent Marks on Sept. 21, Christopher Bell on Oct. 14

2017 – Logan Schuchart on May 12, Donny Schatz on May 13, Kerry Madsen on July 13, Christopher Bell on July 14, Donny Schatz on May 15, Tim Shaffer on Sept. 22

2016 – Kerry Madsen on May 6, Kerry Madsen on May 7, David Gravel on July 14, Daryn Pittman on July 15, Donny Schatz on July 16, Shane Stewart on Sept. 23

2015 – Donny Schatz on May 8, Donny Schatz on May 9, Shane Stewart on July 17, Shane Stewart on July 18, Greg Wilson on Sept. 25

2014 – Shane Stewart on May 2, David Gravel on May 3, Sammy Swindell on July 11, Kerry Madsen on July 12, Joey Saldana on Sept. 19

2013 – Kerry Madsen on May 3, Daryn Pittman on May 4, Kerry Madsen on July 12, Brad Sweet on July 13

2012 – Chad Kemenah on May 4, Sammy Swindell on May 5, Joey Saldana on July 13, Sammy Swindell on July 14

2011 – Joey Saldana on May 8, Tim Shaffer on July 15, Tyler Walker on July 16, Joey Saldana on Sept. 23

2010 – Joey Saldana on May 8, Paul McMahan on May 9, Joey Saldana on July 16, Steve Kinser on July 17, Jac Haudenschild on Sept. 24

2009 – Donny Schatz on May 9, Terry McCarl on July 17, Donny Schatz on July 18, Jason Sides on Sept. 25

2008 – Craig Dollansky on April 11, Donny Schatz on May 31, Joey Saldana on July 11, Daryn Pittman on July 13, Joey Saldana on Sept. 19

2007 – Jason Meyers on April 13, Paul McMahan on June 2, Steve Kinser on July 13, Donny Schatz on July 14, Joey Saldana on Sept. 21

2006 – Sammy Swindell on April 8, Craig Dollansky on June 3, Craig Dollansky on July 14, Joey Saldana on July 15, Joey Saldana on Aug. 4

2005 – Steve Kinser on April 9, Sammy Swindell on June 4, Steve Kinser on July 15, Steve Kinser on July 16, Jac Haudenschild on Aug. 5

2004 – Steve Kinser on April 10, Danny Lasoski on June 5, Dale Blaney on July 16, Jason Sides on July 17, Sammy Swindell on Aug. 6

2003 – Sammy Swindell on April 19, Steve Kinser on May 31, Steve Kinser on July 18, Steve Kinser on July 19, Jason Meyers on Aug. 8

2002 – Craig Dollansky on April 13, Steve Kinser on June 1, Daryn Pittman on July 19, Joey Saldana on July 20, Steve Kinser on Aug. 2

2001 – Mark Kinser on April 14, Andy Hillenburg on June 2, Andy Hillenburg on July 20, Mark Kinser on July 21, Steve Kinser on Aug. 3

2000 – Steve Kinser on April 22, Mark Kinser on June 3, Sammy Swindell in July 14, Dale Blaney on July 15, Tim Shaffer on Aug. 4

1999 – Tim Shaffer on June 5, Mark Kinser on July 15, Greg Hodnett on July 16, Sammy Swindell on July 17, Stevie Smith on Aug. 6

1998 – Sammy Swindell on April 11, Sammy Swindell on June 13, Jac Haudenschild on July 17, Jac Haudenschild on July 18, Jac Haudenschild on Aug. 7

1997 – Sammy Swindell on April 4, Dave Blaney on June 14, Dave Blaney on July 18, Steve Kinser on July 19, Sammy Swindell on Aug. 8

1996 – Sammy Swindell on April 5, Steve Kinser on June 15, Mark Kinser on July 19, Johnny Herrera on July 20, Mark Kinser on Aug. 9

1995 – Jac Haudenschild on April 15, Steve Kinser on June 10, Dave Blaney on Aug. 11

1994 – Kenny Jacobs on April 17, Kenny Jacobs on June 11, Dave Blaney on Aug. 12

1993 – Dave Blaney on April 18, Steve Kinser on June 12, Dave Blaney on Aug. 13

1992 – Sammy Swindell on April 12

1991 – Steve Kinser on June 7, Sammy Swindell on June 8

1990 – Steve Kinser on April 22, Steve Kinser on June 9

1989 – Jeff Swindell on April 23, Doug Wolfgang on June 10, Doug Wolfgang on Aug. 5

1988 – Doug Wolfgang on April 10, Steve Kinser on Aug. 27

1987 – Steve Kinser on April 12, Steve Kinser on Aug. 8

1986 – Bobby Allen on Aug. 9

1985 – Doug Wolfgang on April 14, Doug Wolfgang on Aug. 10

1984 – Ron Shuman on April 8

1983 – Brad Doty on May 22

1982 – Danny Smith on May 8, Sammy Swindell on May 9, Doug Wolfgang on June 12, Sammy Swindell on Aug. 7, Steve Kinser on Oct. 17

1981 – Sammy Swindell on May 16, Doug Wolfgang on Aug. 8, Steve Kinser on Oct. 18

1980 – Sammy Swindell on April 13, Steve Kinser on May 3, Steve Kinser on May 4, Steve Kinser on May 25, Steve Kinser on July 5, Steve Kinser on Aug. 9, Doug Wolfgang on Aug. 30, Doug Wolfgang on Aug. 31, Steve Kinser on Oct. 19

1979 – Ron Shuman on April 15, Dub May on May 27, Steve Kinser on July 3, Sammy Swindell on July 14, Steve Kinser on Aug. 4, Doug Wolfgang on Sept. 1, Shane Carson on Oct. 21

1978 – Bobby Allen on April 16, Rick Ferkel on April 30, Steve Kinser on May 21, Rick Ferkel on July 3, Randy Ford on Aug. 3, Rick Ferkel on Aug. 4, Rick Ferkel on Aug. 5, Steve Kinser on Sept. 3, Shane Carson on Oct. 29

Donny Schatzby and Brad Plant battle at Eldora Speedway in a previous Would of Outlaws race. Schatzby and Brad Plant battle at Eldora Speedway in a previous Would of Outlaws race.

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