Gilbert earns Advocate Pride Award

GREENVILLE – Greenville junior, Morgan Gilbert was the recipient of the 2019 Advocate Pride Award.

“The Pride Award goes to the kids who give more to their team than the average athlete might,” said Greenville Athletic Director Aaron Shaffer. “Encouraging words, that extra effort at practice or even after practice, preseason, any of those things.”

Gilbert, at three year starter for LWSB team at shortstop and as the floor general for the Lady Wave basketball team is a two time All-State softball player, earning the honor both her sophomore and junior seasons.

“Our athletic awards encompass more than just athletics,” added Shaffer. “There is always a social component in terms of how do you represent yourself within the school community. There is always an academic component and then the athletic component. To receive any of our awards you have to show a multitude of things; pride in your school, have good academic standing, athletics.”

“It means a lot because Mr. Shaffer said it goes to one who represents Greenville well and always gives their best effort,” Gilbert said. “That is what I try to do. It just meant a lot to get that award.”

“I had the fortune of working with Morgan as a student trainer for us last fall in football and got to know her and her family a little better,” Shaffer stated. “What a tremendous young person, very caring, she’s humble, hard working.”

“The mark of a truly great young person – I sometimes think she cares more about everyone else than she does about herself which is a tremendous thing,” continued Shaffer. “We as adults can learn from young people and one of those things that I learned from Morgan with my time with her is her humbleness, her work ethic and her willingness to help others. It’s just amazing. Anything she gets, awards wise is well deserved whether it be athletic, academic, any of those things – she is just a tremendous young person.”

“I enjoy my time here at Greenville High School,” said Gilbert, “just because of all the people that come and watch the game whether its softball or basketball. We have a big fan base for softball and even for basketball. There are people there that are at every game and it’s just nice to see them there and supporting us.”

Advocate Pride Award winner Morgan Gilbert and Greenville Daily Advocate & Early Bird Newspaper Sport Editor, Gaylen Blosser. Pride Award winner Morgan Gilbert and Greenville Daily Advocate & Early Bird Newspaper Sport Editor, Gaylen Blosser.

By Gaylen Blosser

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