The battle isn’t yours


Why is there always a fight? Different people bring different opinions and approaches, and with this comes the war of the ideals. Look at me, look at what I got; the lust of power kills and destroys anyone who wishes to be throned upon it.

The desire to be the best at something is a gift from God. But if it causes you to lie, cheat, and steal your desire has become perverted and can only be cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ. In Exodus 15:3 it says that “The Lord is a man of war; The Lord is His name.” “(for you shall worship no other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God),” Exodus 34:14.

Why would they call God a man of war and a Jealous God, when we hear all too often that He is a God of love and peace? Love is a fight to do what is right, to choose to protect those who are weak from tyrants, dictators, and kings that would enslave people and kill children for what they think would be a better economy. We can look back in history and see this. For example, Hitler and Stalin “Mass killing is still the way a lot of governments do business. The past few decades have seen terrifying examples in Rwanda, Cambodia, Darfur, Bosnia…” as quoted in a 2010 Stanford news article.

Men following men and many are dying because their ideas of love are different! God fought against king Pharaoh and his men to let Israel go from their enslavement without picking up a sword. The elements the Egyptians used to enslave Israel destroyed them. God is a jealous God because He loves us and knows when we put anything before Him, we will hurt ourselves. Can you tell me any kingdom that has lasted? Only the kingdom of God. This is love and is a love worth fighting for. God’s rule in the Ten Commandments is perfect, but the choice is to choose God first before ourselves, and we have seen what happens again and again when men lead out of their selfish ambition.

The Holy Bible has never endorsed lies, slavery, or killing. God will reward a man with his just do. “Your riches have rotted, and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver have corroded, and their corrosion will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have laid up treasure in the last days.” James 5:2-3.

The war is within us, and God will fight for you. But we must be willing to bend our knees to Him, for as long as there’s a man there will be a war… an armed hostile conflict between our mind and our heart which makes us fight with others. The battlefield of reasoning has left many of us in fear and doubt “Don’t be frightened or terrified by this large crowd.

The battle isn’t yours. It’s God’s.” 2 Chronicles 20:15 we can act like God, but we’re not. We have a rough time knowing who we are, let alone what to fight for. We don’t need to wrestle with our life alone anymore, to struggle to get more and more, of what? It’s time to stop fighting and let Christ Jesus in, for it’s not about winning it’s about living.

By Benjamin Budde

Contributing Columnist

Benjamin Budde is a husband, father, preacher, artist and songwriter. Ben and his wife, Missy, reside with their four sons in St. Marys. He can be reached at [email protected]. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.

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