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I have been a freelance writer for the past 12 years and have written on a myriad of topics without restriction, I consider them my personal reflections. The Daily Advocate chose to publish my writings under the heading of Versailles News. Maybe they chose the title because news that affects the world affects Versailles, not the other way around.

From time to time I receive comments from readers and I am always grateful for these comments; good or bad. The column entitled “Silence can be extremely costly” received much controversy, so much so that I am obliged to revisit the article. The subject was on societal changes we have witnessed over the past 50 or more years under the disguise of progress, equality, civil liberty, political correctness, multicultural sensitivity, liberalism, and most recently gender identification within the HR5 Equality Act.

I mentioned the LBGTQ, first to emphasis the size of this group (3.5 percent of the American population) and to educate myself and readers or what the initials mean. The point of my writing, however, was (and is) that 3.5 percent is enough to change our laws, and if that isn’t what we want we must speak out. I attacked no one. I do not write in hate nor do I attempt to bash anyone I write to educate myself and others. I wrote about an agenda. An agenda is not a person rather it is underlying intentions or motives of a particular person or group.

However, through this misunderstanding my eyes have been opened. Obviously gays associate themselves with the LBGTQ community and spurn the Christian fundamentals upon which they were raised and this country was founded. In their protest they tried to disarm me with names; calling me a right wing, evangelical hate monger attempting to spread hate against gays and the LGBT community. And my favorite line was “there are many people who live in Versailles who disagree with your political views.” My so called “political views” are Christian beliefs and yes there will always be people who disagree with me. That’s the composition of our world; different people with different ideas.

This is the group that preached diversity; but perhaps only until someone contributes a differing belief. At first I thought they were just easily offended and unable to deal with opposing opinions. However I have witnessed and been subjected to incredible anger, hostility and aggression. These are individuals, many of whom I knew prior to their college education. I have always treated these persons with respect and felt it reciprocated, yet today they twist my words to make me their enemy then use their bullying tactics to discredit and defame me into submission.

Most of their antagonistic dialogue took place on Facebook where my article was misrepresented. I don’t believe any one entered the dialogue in defense of my freedom, or to correct the clouded thinking of these individuals. But Facebook reached a broader audience and demonstrated what I could not statistically support; that the voices of a few are heard above the silence of the many.

I am sure educators and parents could have warned me that this would be a volatile subject, however I would not have believed them because I was not writing against anyone, rather, I was defending simple truth. Science, medicine, nature, and moral truth have recognized the existence of two and only two genders since the beginning of forever.

I do not view the attacks I received as against me, but they are against truth; against our religious freedom, and against our freedom of speech. I never thought I was living in the eye of a storm but the threat is real and closer than I ever had thought. Indeed there is a war being waged against truth with the potential of destroying many friendships and families. I never meant to offend anyone, I desire unity and love but if sides must be declared than I choose the side of truth.

This generation has more doctorate and master degrees than any time in history but most are theorists and few are the realists, which is worse than what was said of a generation ago: they have book smarts but very little common sense. Some incorrectly argued the separation of church and state, said our founding fathers were not faith- oriented, denied moral law, and the existence of God calling Him an “imaginary man in the sky.” I must admit a simplistic brilliance in denying everything for if there is no God then man is free to deem what is right and what is wrong for himself. So when can we rid ourselves of legality too?

Every generation wants to change the world, but this generation wants to change reality or worse. The words of Nikita Khrushchev haunt us, “We do not have to invade the United States we will destroy it from within.” History is being rewritten in many colleges and universities, and parents are paying tens of thousands of dollars to have their children indoctrinated out of their faith and values.

(For anyone looking for an informative read on gender identity issues there is the book “When Harry Became Sally,” by Ryan Anderson available on Amazon.)

In the article revisited I also mentioned how Congressman Warren Davidson has made himself available to hear the public’s concerns. On Monday, Aug. 12, Congressman Davidson will hold a Town Hall Meeting in the Versailles High School from 6-7 p.m. To RSVP, please call the Troy District Office at (937) 339-1524 or email your RSVP to OH08DistrictEven

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By Kathy Magoto

Contributing Columnist

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