Support for Wagner extension project


Dear editor,

Just to set the record straight…for the ones who don’t understand, and for those spreading false rumors – no one’s real estate property is being developed by this project. Period. My question to anyone is this…WHO among us, if given the opportunity and had the funds available to invest in land, wouldn’t do so with the intent on making more than you paid for it somewhere down the road? In the meantime, some are willing to spend even more of their own money to develop the property, in an effort to give Greenville possibly more businesses, or to provide more housing. Anything they do will generate more real estate taxes, more income tax revenue, more sales tax revenue…ALL of which will provide more funding to do more for all within the City of Greenville.

Everyone who buys a house does so in the hopes of making more than they paid for it initially. These property owners, and there are more of them than just the Surbers, are going to be paying assessments on their real estate taxes, and those assessments will make the payment on the 30-year, zero-percent interest loan for well more than 20 years of that loan. These are the cold facts of this matter, and that is why we are doing this for the future of this city.

Jeff Whitaker,


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