Yes, I am a veteran



Yes, I am a United States of America Veteran as an American Citizen I am proud to have served this country in the military. I am not proud of the present government that has turned our backs to the veterans. This same government that removes flags removes GOD from the oath when swearing in and promotes socialism.

Celebrate Veterans Day with a day off watch TV and think about the suicide rate of vets at 27 to 30 percent of returning veterans without help they fought for. For the thousands of homeless veterans, a meal and place to lay their heads and rest for a night. Those that have reached the closing of their life and illness has caused them to leave the life they enjoyed because of bills. Our country is without a government that recognize the knowledge of the Constitution.

We veterans think of all those men and women we served with that did not return to have a family. Most if not all veterans have a connection that gave all they had and now their children are returning from war. We the People owe them more that a slap on the back and medal on the chest. We are obligated by singed Contract to provide that help.

We spend trillions of dollars for people that are not citizens and ignore the very people that the United States of America sent into battle.

I am a blessed Christian veteran married and children with grandchildren for the 26 names on the wall that gave all. No parade or medal can replace these men and woman and we owe them care for the veterans.

Citizens of the United States this is OUR government: What do you plan on accepting or demanding or replacing. Congress works for all of us as does the Judicial and the President. I think veterans earned the Golden Health Care given to the members that work for us and they earned the health care they want us to have. With a paycheck to match the efforts of governing they spit out.

May God Continue to Bless the United State and its veterans.

Take Care and God Bless,

Kirby Clark


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