Versailles boys first at Tipp


The Versailles High School Boys swim team finished 1st this past weekend at a Tipp City Tri meet on Friday, December 13, 2019. The meet was held at the Miami County YMCA Robinson Branch in Troy, OH and the three participating teams included Troy, Tipp City and Versailles.

Team scores were as follows: 1st, Versailles 126, 2nd, Tippecanoe High School 104, 3rd, Troy High School 41.

The results for Versailles High School were as follows:

200 yard Medley Relay: 1st, Versailles A, 1:48.90, Ryan Subler, Owen Schultz, Evan Vanskyock, and Jack Detrick; 5th, Versailles B, 2:23.02, Josh Luthman, Alexander Grilliot, Isaac White, and Alex Nelson

200 yard Freestyle: 2nd, 2:10.94, Zach Ahrens; 7th, 2:50.62, Jonathan Nelson

200 yard IM: 3rd, 2:20.34, Evan Vanskyock; 5th, 2:38.31, Owen Schultz

50 yard Freestyle: 1st, 24.94, Jack Detrick; 2nd, 25.46, Jarrett Petitjean; 3rd, 26.12, Mason Ahrens; 5th, 27.59, Jonathan Nelson

100 yard Butterfly: 2nd, 1:00.68, Ryan Subler, 3rd, 1:04.02, Evan Vanskyock; 4th, 1:07.49, Jack Detrick

100 yard Freestyle: 2nd, 1:04.87, Isaac White; 3rd, 1:08.34, Josh Luthman; 6th, 1:11.34, Alex Nelson

200 yard Freestyle Relay: 1st, Versailles A, 1:38.22; Ryan Subler, Owen Schultz, Evan Vanskyock, Jack Detrick; 3rd, Versailles B, 1:47.58, Zach Ahrens, Mason Ahrens, Jonathan Nelson, Jarrett Petitjean

100 yard Backstroke: 1st, 1:01.81, Ryan Subler, 2nd, 1:12.22, Jarrett Petitjean

100 yard Breaststroke: 2nd, 1:14.05, Owen Schlutz, 3rd, 1:24.08, Alexander Grilliot

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 1st, Versailles A, 4:00.31; Jarrett Petitjean, Mason Ahrens, Isaac White, Zach Ahrens; 3rd, Versailles B, 4:51.81, Jonathan Nelson, Alexander Grilliot, Alex Nelson, Josh Luthman

The team is coached by head swim coach, Mark Travis and Assistant Coach Kori Oliver. For more information about the swim team, please visit our Web site at, click on Athletics, click on Sports Schedules, and click on Swimming.

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