County’s 2020 budget approved


DARKE COUNTY — Auditor Carol Ginn officially presented commissioners with the county’s 2020 budget during their last regular session of the year, held Monday.

Commissioners have been meeting with county department heads for the last several months to work out budgets for each.

The 2020 expenditures come in at $25,213,208.52 from the county’s general fund, with $52,006,530.75 appropriated from outside funds. The county has 66 departments within its general fund with 94 funds outside the county general fund.

“The appropriations look real good for this year,” Ginn told commissioners, reminding them there are several additional new funds this year, including: a common pleas court special project; 2020 sign upgrade; 2020 curve sign upgrade; 2019 Ohio Pet Grant; resurface GP road; HAVA (election security grant); 2019 CHIP CDBG grant; CHIP Home Grant; JRIG Grant; 2019 Achievement Incentive Grant; 2019 T-CAP program; 2019 Litter Grant; 2019 Community Corrections Grant; Target of Opportunity Grant; ODOt Airport Grant; 2021 Emergency PERF Grant: and Help Me Grow Grant.

Commissioner Matt Aultman explained that as old grants are paid and move off the budget, new grants are added, this year resulting in 18 new funds.

Ginn also reminded commissioners there are 27 pay dates in 2021, which commissioners should keep in mind when they start working with the county’s departments next July to plan for the next budget.

In December 2018, commissioners approved 2019 general fund appropriations in the amount of $22,566,915.60, which, according to Ginn reflected a decrease in the amount of $1,544,619.75 over the 2018 appropriations of $24,111,535.35 – due primarily as a result of the loss of revenue from Medicare and Medicaid taxes, as well as other unfunded state mandates.

Commissioners, left to right, Matt Aultman, Mike Stegall and Mike Rhoades approved the county’s 2020 budget on Monday., left to right, Matt Aultman, Mike Stegall and Mike Rhoades approved the county’s 2020 budget on Monday. Gaylen Blosser |

By Susan Hartley

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