You gotta have miles and miles of heart

Okay, guys and gals, this is the week of hearts and roses, chocolates and champagne, love and more love. So, if you have not prepared, as might be usual, be notified right now that time is running out.

Take your loved one to dinner. Plan a special evening to tell that special someone that you really went all out this year. Surprise the one you love with stepping out of the norm into the memorable.


(From Damn Yankees) You gotta have heart. Miles and miles of heart. Oh, it’s fine to be a genius of course, but keep that old horse before the cart. First you’ve gotta have heart.

Being my usual nosy self, I decided to check up on this expression ‘keep that old horse before the cart’. Hm. Pretty obvious, right. You can’t pull the horse with the cart. The horse could push the cart. And, maybe, just maybe, this makes sense to me. I looked a little further into an explanation. Since I can find everything I need online, I was sure I could find a horse behind a cart. So: Cart before the horse is an idiom or proverb suggesting something is done contrary to a conventional or culturally expected order or relationship.’ Oh, I like that part ‘contrary to a conventional or culturally expected order.’

Having a bit of age and experience behind me and being (much to the frustration of my husband) a very observant person, I find that we are indeed creatures who settle into a way of life or routine never thinking to change. We tug that old cart behind us at a pace that even slows down when we reach a certain age. Yet, that old horse keeps pulling. In essence, nothing changes because it seems that people do not want to change. Well, I know that we never grow, become wiser or smarter, if we do not change.

There is a real thrill that comes with change. It is a new adventure filled with new observations and, more than likely, new people. A life becomes more productive and fuller with change. That horse gets a breather behind that boring cart, probably stopping to munch on grass and maybe even meet a new horse or two along the way.

You gotta have heart. And, it doesn’t hurt to give that heart away. I would like to change up those words: You gotta have heart. Miles and miles of heart. Oh, it’s fine to be a genius of course, but keep that old horse behind the cart. Then you’ll find a new start.

By Pamela Loxley Drake

A Grandparent’s Voice

Pamela Loxley Drake is a former resident of Darke County and is the author of Neff Road and A Grandparent Voice blog. She can be reached at [email protected] Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.