New Courthouse entrance now open


GREENVILLE – The Darke County Board of Commissioners and the Darke County Sheriff announce the opening of the new Courthouse entrance and the start of enhanced security measures. On Monday March 9, 2020 citizens attending the Darke County Courthouse will find the new entrance open for business. The entrance is located directly off of the W. Fourth Street sidewalk at the rear of the courthouse. This will be the only public entrance and exit for the courthouse and it is ADA accessible. All other entrances will no longer be available for public use and will become emergency exits only.

Upon entering the courthouse patrons will find a security screening station which will be staffed by Darke County Sheriff’s Deputies. The screening station will require any items that are being carried on your person such as purses, wallets, keys, brief cases or like items to be placed into an x-ray machine for screening. The patron will walk through a metal detecting device to ensure no weapons are brought into the courthouse. After passing through the screening station you may proceed into the courthouse to conduct your business.

The Sheriff is reminding people that it is against the law to bring any weapons into the county courthouse. This includes pocket knives, scissors, firearms, pepper spray, stun guns and other items some people might carry for personal defense. A concealed handgun license does not exempt you from this law. Any weapons brought into the courthouse are subject to being confiscated by deputies.

The addition to the rear of the courthouse and upgrade in security has been a project that has been discussed for well over a year. It is the result of many hours of work by the Board of Commissioners, Darke County Common Pleas Court, Darke County Municipal Court, Darke County Sheriff and the Courthouse Security Advisory Committee. The rear addition was required to accommodate the new equipment, security processes and accessibility of the courthouse to all citizens. The security upgrade includes all new security cameras throughout the inside and outside of the courthouse. All former exits and entrances are now alarmed and usable as emergency exits only. There will be Darke County Sheriff’s Deputies staffing the courthouse during all business hours and anytime court is in session. The Darke County Courthouse will be open to the public Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. except legally recognized holidays.

It is an integral part of local government to ensure that the center for county government business and criminal justice be a safe and secure location for citizens, county employees and elected officials to conduct business without fear of disruption of this important democratic process.

All employees and visitors to the Darke County Courthouse will be required to use the new entrance and undergo screening to enter the facility. employees and visitors to the Darke County Courthouse will be required to use the new entrance and undergo screening to enter the facility. Ryan Berry |

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