Are hair and nail salons next?


GREENVILLE — The State of Kentucky announced Tuesday that it is closing hair and nail salons across the state.

On Wednesday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was following suit due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) scare. All hair salons, barbershops, spas and tattoo parlors have been ordered to close by the end of the business day.

A couple of local salons were contacted to see how they would condcut business at their respective businesses.

Govenor DeWine and Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear have ordered the closure of theaters, gyms, hair salons and many other businesses where people gather, taking new action in a bid to contain the new Coronavirus.

Beshear’s order, which took effect 5 p.m. Wednesday, exempted a cross-section of businesses that will be allowed to stay open. The exempted list includes grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, health care facilities, gas stations, hardware stores and hotels.

The owners of the hair salons were asked the question prior to Govenor DeWine’s mandate.

“If Ohio closes, our salon will shut down,” said Brittany Breymaier, owner of Tangles. “For now, we’re working within the state guidelines. Our main concern would be finances for our stylists and their families if they do close us down.”

She said they have five stylists and one client per stylist.

Her staff includes independent contractors who work on their own and then she has commissioned-based stylists.

She admits they are nervous about the present situation taking place in the world.

“We try to keep our clients and employees safe,” she said. “We are taking precautions. We have higher standards than most, going up and above.”

She said her staff calls clients when needed, especially to urge the elderly to reschedule their appointments. But, it’s up to them,” Braymaier said. “I speak openly with the clients and value their opinions. If we get shut down we will go by the state guidelines.”

Tangles has been open since 2018 but has been in operation since 2005 under another ownership.

Jessica Miller, co-owner of Roots Hair Salon, just down the street, is concerned what a shutdown would do to her four stylists. However, she and her business partner, Cassie Bunger, have talked about that possibly happening with them and if they would be able to get unemployment.

Miller said Roots will celebrate its eighth anniversary in June.

“It’s nerve-wracking especially if we find we won’t be able to pay our bills and can’t pay for the shop,” Miller said.

Prior to the announcement, it was all business there, with them making calls to clients to confirm appointments.

“We sanitize after each person,” Miller said. “The state board sent us sanitation rules.”

“These are all places that people congregate, and it’s another step that we have to take to make sure that everybody’s sacrifice works,” Beshear said.

There are 88 confirmed cases in Ohio and 26 virus cases have been reported in Kentucky.

For most people, coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia. The vast majority of people recover from the new virus.

By Linda Moody

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