WHC postpones elective surgeries


GREENVILLE – In line with an order from the Ohio Department of Health, Wayne HealthCare is postponing elective surgeries in an effort to conserve personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers and first responders.

Elective procedures are defined as those that are pre-scheduled, non-urgent, and if postponed, will not pose an immediate threat to the life of the patient.

“By postponing elective hospital procedures that are safe to delay, we can protect patients and providers,” said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. “This will also help us preserve critically short supplies of PPE and preserve inpatient beds and other equipment for critically ill patients.”

Upon hearing of the order, Wayne HealthCare immediately began reaching out to patients, notifying them of the change. While the hospital does not know how long the order will remain in effect, we will continue to reassess the situation as the COVID-19 outbreak evolves.

The order goes into effect at the end of business, Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

Patients with specific questions relating to scheduled elective surgeries should contact their healthcare provider directly. Stay informed about COVID-19 by visiting CoronaVirus.Ohio.gov or CDC.gov.

Wayne HealthCare appreciates their patients’ understanding, as they continue to take unprecedented steps to protect them, the staff, and community at large from the spread of COVID-19.

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